Forgot to give you a link to shyone's journal yesterday! For all of you "shy" ones out there in bloggerland, if you don't want your real name to show up on your blog you can do what shyone did and just don't put your REAL name anywhere when you sign up for the blog, because whatever you use as your real name will show on the "posted by" portion of your blog!

If you used your real name to sign up - like I did, then you can go into the template when you are editing your blog and delete the part that has $author in the HTML.

Now for my daily blog... What good is high speed cable when... you can't get a connection? This happens, more often than not, with Charter Pipeline! We apparently have many foolish people that accidentally run into the cables with their motor vehicles!!! Anyway, that's the usual excuse when our connection is down. Other times... well who knows? I still like it better than the old-fashioned dial-up connection!!!

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