A TCS Blog A while back i ran across a great website... about Rational Parenting. I guess i found it about the same time it was being replaced. Here is the replacement. If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or in any way involved with influencing kids, it's a MUST. Too many of us forget what it was like to be a child. Too many of us pay attention to 'what's easiest' in raising a child. Too many of us don't know how to raise a child. Read it! This is the practical offspring put together by enthusiastic folks who were impressed and influenced by.....

Taking Children Seriously Okay, this one is Taking Children Seriously..... Have a nice day!


Hackert Lake Reflections Okey dokey folks... you can click on that link and see my latest effort. Part of my motivation had to do with a little 'mistake' i made Wednesday night just before my bedtime. I'd been updating the Hackert Lake Association website and finally finished it. In my zeal to upload the MS FrontPage update... it gets loaded to SalasCove... i did a minor 'mess-up' and replaced SalasCove with the whole darned lake!

It's fixable but I'm at the lake and the computer with all my 'brains' is at home so..... i updated the 'portal page' which is located at Angelfire. Well I've been thinking about making the portal a blog for some time... so given a bit of rainy weather here at the lake, i got the thing started. When i get back home, will put it all together.

Did i mention we had a seven hour power outage? Had nothing to do with the rain... this happened on a beautiful sunny day... although a bit windy. A tree fell and knocked down the power lines! Frustration? yes! We were actually forced to get out and enjoy the perfectly beautiful weather. El spouso couldn't even work on his outdoor project... a necessary job. Good news?... he'll finish it today and my lake blog project is ready for our little lake's residents!


Pork! It's what's for dinner. I never thought it would be a crime to think this way, but that's how some parts of the United States now interpret it! --- hey, i have to go mow my lawn now - i think that's still legal - but i'll be back with..... the rest of the story.


I give thanks every day of my life..... for my blessings. Lord knows i don't ask for much. I never had... nor wanted... the best house... the most important job or even... loads of money! All i ever wanted in life was my own family to love... a big one... enough money to feed, clothe and educate them...... and i got all that! Most important... i have my own companion to love and live with for my whole lifetime and his... a companion that i respect... and he respects me as well... and one that is my intellectual equal. This makes me happy.

Sometimes there are 'bumps in the road of life' but a healthy person always gets over those bumps. Thank you God for making me a healthy person. My children (now all grown) are not perfect. My husband is not perfect. Heck, I'm not even perfect..... we leave the 'perfect' position in you hands, dear God! You can be perfect for us.

I got into an argument with one of the 'big six' recently. I love her deeply. I am her mother. I can never not be a mother for as long as i live. It hurts me mentally and psychologically to see my child suffer.... any one of my children for that matter! This one suffers daily. I know why she suffers. I cannot help her. I can only pray for her. So I do.


Oh my goodness! I think I don't have your link here on my site, June! Will get it up asap!
What's On..... Right Now?
What's On your bedroom floor Right Now
..a king-sized bed!... 2 dressers (1 with mirror)... a night stand... exercise bike... treadmill... cross-country ski machine... a few pairs of shoes and slippers and probably one or two cats... oh! and a carpet-covered scratching post for our cats.... from memory... i'm not going to go in there and look right now!... well i am but i'm going to bed so i won't be back to tell you about it.

Been minus internet for TWO whole days!!! Charter cable is not very reliable sometimes! Anyway, it's back, and so am I so first I'm getting up to date with my memes.... answered Randsom Questions at Stuff.... and here is:
Monday Madness
1. Have you ever attended a concert? If so, who; and how old were you when you attended your first concert?
When our kids were young we had family tickets to the Saginaw Symphony Orchestra annually. We sat right up front with six little girls so the kids could see everything as well as hear it. We also attended Saginaw Eddy Band concerts (summer in the park dealies). All of the girls are musicians and most of them played in the Eddy Band and some in the Symphony... as they grew older. Of course there were countless concerts as they played in high school and even beyond and now we've attended our grandchildren's band concerts. First concert? Hmmm. Can't remember... probably was Eddy Band! Oh yes, we attended a few others many years ago... notably I remember Diane Warwick at the Civic Center and Chuck Mangione at CMU.

2. What is the biggest ride or rollercoaster that you've ever been on? Were you frightened to go on it?
As a child I loved the 'JackRabbit' at Wenonah Beach in Bay City... an old rickety wooden monster. After my first pregnancy I could no longer 'hold my cookies' on rides... my latest favorite 'ride' being the Carousel at the Saginaw Children's Zoo!!!

3. Is there an annual 'festival' that you make sure you never miss? If so, please tell about it; if not, is there any annual event that you like to attend
Not much of a festival goer... I really don't like being in crowds... get sort of claustrophobic!


Ever heard of Rational Parenting? I discovered it a while back but - since my kids are already grown with families of their own I kind of forgot about it. However, it's a really common-sense blog about common-sense parenting. If you've got kids I suggest you check the site. There's lots of good info there. Leave comments. Let the author know you're reading. I did.


What If the very first one!!! I'm getting in on the very beginning of this one! I read about it at Otto's Pad and would you believe? Otto made the button for her! I figure if she got Otto's attention she certainly deserves mine! Hello Cetta! Good luck on your new meme!

Okay... here's the very first 'What If'...
If you could have invented anything in history, what would you choose?
I think maybe... this modern-day computer... not the ones that first were invented; they were too bulky and ugly... no i mean the 'Bill Gates' version, because hmmmmmmmm. maybe i'd just like to know what it's like to be rich... even if just for a little while.


Bummer! The good news is... Otto has surpassed me in the website-building area! The bad news is..... I can't make the javascript for daily random websites work on my sites!!! Waiting for 'word from the wise'... it will work... after I get to discuss it with her! wahwahwah!!!


I am so-o-o-o-o-o-o excited! Just found out I have a marvelous tool in my little ol' Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2... you know... the inexpensive one! It's got something called Web Photo Gallery and I just tried it! It's the easiest thing since sliced bread! I absolutely love it! My first attempt is for the Lake Association but I'm linking it here just because I'm so impressed at how easy it is. This is the quickest place I can link it from! The actual website is on Angelfire - well only page one is now... the rest is done with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and hosted at salascove..... and now....... voila! PhotoShop Elements 2! Check out this new gallery and see what you think...... here it is..... HLA Spring 2003 Potluck

My answer for today's What's on..... Right Now" question can be found with the rest of my Stuff, but I promised to post a photo of one of the objects on my living room wall here on my 'real' blog, so here it is. This is an older photo though... will post a new version later. (Right now I'm recharging my batteries for a trip to the zoo.)


Where am i... what time is it... are we there yet? Just finished watching Maid in Manhattan - a DVD loaned to us by daughter OttO! (No that's not her real name... but we've got 'incognito' names for all of us! I mean... do you really think i'm 39? Of course not!!! I'm at least 40 by now.... anyway... where was i? Oh!

After the movie... i stopped by at BloggerSeeds, a delightful little idea place designed, developed, and frequently updated by Otto, Windy and me! Otto recently did some updating and i just kind of rambled over both pages.... BloggerSeeds and MoreBloggerSeeds.... developed because we just couldn't help ourselves! Just as i wander here... so did i from BloggerSeeds.... and somehow ended up at.....

the Ageless project where i was put in my place!!! Why didn't I think of that!???! I thought i was the only real granni around and no, i'm not..... sure i know... Windy's a granni..... even Otto is (although some of her grandkids are too old to really be her grandkids! But i found out that silly ol' me.... i'm not the oldest apple in the WWW basket! ...and the beautiful thing about the Ageless project?... the youngest one on the list was born in 1990 so i guess it isn't really about age after all!

...anyway the point is? Oh yeah! BloggerSeeds..... MoreBloggerSeeds..... where do ya think i found that Ageless thing, huh? Such a delight! Visit BloggerSeeds often! I've got smart kids! and they're generous too! They not only love learning; they love sharing what they learned and you'll find lots of it right there! Where? Oh yeah..... BloggerSeeds! Want a meme where you can answer their questions any ol' day of the week? Get on the Random Questions..... Random Days mailing list! Windy will let you know when she does an update.... and where is Random Questions..... Random Days? .... well , duh.... at BloggerSeeds of course! Ya gotta LOVE it!

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