Whoa! freaky stuff happening! ... like in the old scarey series... for a while i was in the Twilight Zone! Visiting Jan's Introspection, clicked on her link to this site and blammy! doo-doo-doo-doo! twilight zone time. It took me right to somebody elses blog... a pretty good one but not mine. .. but the URL was mine. Did a little 'reboot' granni's way... got it back! How does that happen? How do we get our 'wires crossed' when we don't even have any wires? This is not the first time either. hmmmmmmm.

It is done! Finished! Finished the lake association newsletter this morning. It's actually pretty good... looks kind of professional... even. What can i say? Even with all the wonderful help from a great group of people... all totally dedicated to making our beautiful little lake the healthiest lake in Michigan... it still was a job and a half to put together. The only difficult part is - where else? - in my head. Except for blogging, it's how i operate. Give me an assignment... give me a deadline... give me something really important to do and what's the first thing i do? Procrastinate.
My favorite dictionary says:
pro·cras·ti·nate (pr-krst-nt, pr-)
v. pro·cras·ti·nat·ed, pro·cras·ti·nat·ing, pro·cras·ti·nates
v. intr. To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
v. tr. To postpone or delay needlessly.
[Latin prcrstinre, prcrstint- : pr-, forward; see pro-1 + crstinus, of tomorrow (from crs, tomorrow).]

Carelessness? Laziness? ME? I don't think so! For as long as i can remember i've received A's in the English language... especially writing. I love to write... and yet, when it comes to deadlines... well, whatta' ya' gonna' do, huh? My problem? I was unsure of the 'deadline' for the newsletter project. There was a deadline... sort of.. it was 'yesterday.' Had lots of material, but nobody said 'Do it by 2:00 Friday... " or whatever, so i finally... after procrastinating of course, gave myself a deadline and voila! It's done. and a beautiful thing it is, i might add.

But careless? Me? Never! I will not put something out there until it's as near perfection as i can get it! Laziness? Me? I don't think so! Do you see people lining up to do that job? One wonderful woman did it for awhile, but it became a basically thankless job. When you're a volunteer in the first place, i guess a little compliment now and then won't hurt! It's the compensation. Fortunately for me... i get lots of 'compensation' from this group! Do they really like it or are they glad it's me... not them... doing the job? I think they're genuine. I don't think i'm either careless or lazy, but i do work better under 'pressure.' Guess in my case, procrastination is just my way of getting a job done the best way i know how!


Wandering through blogs... seeming to get further and further away from the blog where I started... but not really. Well this time I ended up at a website - no, not a blog - but a very lovely website! The young lady has a yellow ribbon for us to 'borrow' from her so I did and you will find it on this page. She also constructed a 'wall' for us to leave our sentiments in support of our military troops and their Commander-in-Chief, President Bush. I signed her wall... and her guestbook... won't you do the same? Went back to the site today and saw a lot of ugly stuff written on her wall! Please bombard her with good words and make it go away... I left a new message already...


I have succumbed to some really fun new stuff... answering some cool questions and posting them on my own blog. I've got a blog just for that purpose; i call it Stuff. Also, my good friend OttO will fill in the Monday slot of questions - just a little something to help us get over the Monday 'blues' so i'm hoping you will bookmark it now. Be first in line - no, make that second because I'm planning to be first.

Here's the game... Monday you will find three questions at Monday Madness. We copy the questions into a notepad or directly to our blog (in my case I put those answers in "Stuff") - then answer the questions. After they're answered, go to Monday Madness in the 'comments' section where the questions are, and tell OttO that you answered the questions and give the URL to your blog with the answers. If you have no blog, just leave your answers in the comments section.

Sounds silly but it's fun! I'm hooked!


Quick to grumble... better be quick to praise!!! PowWeb is A-okay in my book! I happened to hit a teeny tiny segment of time when the server was down. By the time i sent my complaint to tech support they were up again! The PowWeb team is really great!

Vanity website! Damn you, PowWeb!!! Certainly no advertisement going on for you on MY websites... MY blogs... nor some of MY loved ones' blogs, for that matter! Went to one of my blogs today... no pictures!!! Checked another... and then tried to get to SalasCove... NOTHING!!! I've a friend using PowWeb... his site is up... mine isn't! Suppose i should feel paranoid about it? Who's at fault... God?... the government?... big business?... all of above? Oh heck, i guess i'll just pass it off as 'luck of the draw.' PowWeb has several servers that i know of... because i currently know four people with websites at PowWeb. Just checked all of the other three... two of us are up; two are not! This is why i don't gamble! Bear with me... i'm sure all that lovely photography will return... not to mention all my backgrounds, etc.

Ah well, it you were just coming here for the pictures, it would be a pretty superficial site anyway, wouldn't it?


You people are incorrigible!!! You made me do it! I went to This or That Tuesday and filled in my first online questionnaire thingy dingy.... and i already had a place to put my answers of course.... being an addictive blogger. You can find my answers at Stuff - a place i set up awhile back for my own messing' around and trying' out things place.


Did some gramma stuff again this past weekend! Girly Girl launched her thespian experience as a chorus girl! Great job, girl! You are destined for ever bigger and better things. Totally enjoyed a great highschool performance of 'Once Upon a Mattress' and grampa has pictures up on his pBase to show why. Click the pic to see the best of the best! Always fun visiting Sharba57 and fam! We were treated to dinner then went to the show! They fed us a complete turkey dinner - dressing and the works!!! and then for dessert, number one son-in-law baked me a birthday cake, which we had with ice cream after the show! Coming soon... Sharba's students in their spring endeavor.

Catching up on stuff around the house today. Four giant loads of laundry... still drying and folding... thanks to Goober i can take a break. He loves clean sheets and is currently cuddled up on the bed so i couldn't possibly waken him to put the bed back together! Guess i'll just have to blog awhile. Darn! Some say my kitty cat family is spoiled rotten. Why? Just because i managed to fit into my busy day today a repotting session! We bought them some grass and catnip last week at PetSmart and it was in big need of transplanting! Yes, yes we have catnip outside, but it's not growing right now... too early! The grass is in their favorite 'garden window' where they nibble at it now and again... but i hung the catnip up high in a window so it can fully recover before i let them have at it! AmyLou and EllieMae were allowed a nip at one of the repotted plants and it was trimmed back in a hurry!

Gonna be incognito for the next few days... got a bundle of stuff to do in my capacity as Secretary and Webmaster for the lake association... plus there's a newsletter i need to prepare before the end of this month! Gotta hurry... gotta scurry... see ya soon!

Did i mention the crop? Yes, i went to Foggy's crop too... only i went on Friday and got her going early! That way i was able to do everything i wanted to do last weekend! We had a wonderful visit... just the two of us... and that's really a special treat. With six daughters and a husband, sometimes it's kind of hard to have any one on one happening... ya know? Anyway... i got three more pages done... in AmyLou's 'baby book'... and i'm now up to April/May 2001... yeah i know i'm ahead of some of you, but remember when you were so proud of me because i was right up to date and working on the 'backwards' books? Ah, where does the time go?


Matt's in Iraq interviewing... a couple who chose to go to Iraq together. Get this! They have five kids between the ages of fourteen and two! Can you imagine? They left the kids with gramma and grampa! They are both doctors... can you imagine? I don't know though. I wouldn't have been able to leave my kids and go off to war. I can understand one parent. I can understand either parent. But both! No, I can't understand that kind of 'dedication' - or maybe? Maybe it's just selfishness?


On a lighter note... one of the best kept secrets in mid-Michigan is the beautiful Dow Gardens. The place is mostly maintained by a trust fund from the Dow family... as in The Dow Chemical Company, so you can actually buy tickets - for the whole year(!!!) - for the low low price of $5 each. Now the real reason I'm bragging up the place is because gramps and i created a website last year about their butterfly display... Butterflies in Bloom... and the Dow Gardens has linked their site to it again this year! Of course, I'm honored and thrilled by that fact... and of course, the photos - taken by Frank - are beautiful!

Yahoo, where are you going with this? I'm one of those people who actually use my address book! Lately everytime i click on 'To', get the address book, make my choices and add... i get a Microsoft Internet Explorer error message and get knocked off yahoo! What's that all about? I changed to Yahoo address for continuity... when my cable company changed over from @home to charter pipeline. Is charter here to stay? Maybe i can change back!

Wear your boots.... your really really high boots! Should have heeded that traditional 'motherly' advice yesterday! With weather hovering near 60's even 'up north' most of the snow was melted... sure it made for wet ground... but it was gone!!!... except for maybe a little snow in the shade. The city park was so foggy on the big lake that we could barely see the harbor markers out there at the channel... but the only place we saw snow was in deep piles where the snow removal trucks had dumped it...

...so we went to our cottage on the little lake! Immediately saw the snow was so deep and squishy that we parked up near the 'service drive' and walked down to the cottage and the lake. Took off my slide-in sandels (traveling shoes) and put on my walking shoes... got out of the truck and sunk in... up to my knees!!! Good! The cottage is still there! The lake is still there! Tried OttO's new phone service... phoned her daughter with it... phone to phone you know... and wonder of wonders!!! We had a good clean clear connection! Inside the cottage! A first with us! Our new cellular service will definitely be Sprint! It's a wonderful thing. Sure, we know there are no leaves in the woods this time of year... but there are lots of pines... and we were inside the house getting good, clean, clear conversation!

We plodded back up the hill in four feet of extremely wet snow drifts to the truck... got in with wet socks and jeans... ready to go to our meeting but it was early yet, so... duh me!!! i suggested we drive down the service drive to the public access area! Got down there alright... in 4-wheel drive... we squished and pushed our way through to the turnaround and proceeded back toward the exit... NOT! We landed in a hole! Did you know that if you're in deeper than your bumper 4-wheel drive doesn't get you moving? We met another good neighbor! He has a full-sized 4-wheeler and effortlessly pulled us out of the hole... where we were able to proceed on our own out and to the road! Thank you Philip! You're a wonderful neighbor!

Went to our meeting... early... (and with wet socks)... caught up on our homework for said meeting... had a good one - very productive! Ended up with lots of work cut out for me... thanks Frank for nominating me secretary a couple of years ago! Oh well, keeps me off the streets i guess.

Went home... a 2-1/2 hour drive... but the cottage isn't people-friendly yet this year. Maybe we can get it opened up earlier this year since weather is turning around so agreeably, huh? Ended up with dry socks and dry jeans... heard most of a really fun little book on tape - 'The Cat Who Played Postoffice' - got stuff unloaded from the truck, mostly put away, and to sleep by midnight! Hmmm! Didn't we have more free time when we were working stiffs?


Tomorrow we're all Irish! Want to celebrate St. Paddy's Day in grand style? Go to the supermarket. Buy a corned beef brisket (leaner is better), a head of cabbage, some carrots and potatoes. The brisket will be in a package of juices and spices. Open the package & dump the whole thing into the biggest pan you can find. Sometimes the spices are in a little plastic packet, so if yours are, release the spices from the packet to the top of your meat. Cover with water and cook one hour per pound - just barely bubbling - known as simmer. An hour before the meat is done, turn up heat and add potatoes and carrots - peeled and cut into chunks. Cut the cabbage in 6-8 sections (cut from stem to stern, so to speak) and put on top of it all. (See why you need a big pan?) After it starts to simmer, turn heat back down for the last hour. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Now that's good eatin' too! This is kind of like the 'high class' Irish food... as with all poor people's foods, the norm is the veggies without the beef! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
.....no, i'm not turning this into a recipe blog


I have it on pretty good authority that farmer Jimmy Joe has been taking advantage of perky little Bessy. You see, Bessy's a young cow that recently became a mother, so Jimmy Joe went out there and started stealing her milk from her! Can you imagine that???!? ...said he was gonna let his own kids drink it... and maybe even sell some of it to make a little money!
Now I know this is true because i heard it from some people that were out that way visiting Jimmy Joe's brother Zeke's vegetable farm. Oh my gosh! Wonder if that was the people i saw over at Zeke's fondling the tomatoes, scavenging through the lettuce pile and weighing up some navy beans for their supper that night. They said they were gonna eat that stuff! Don't they know those veggies were once living organisms... and Zeke actually had to kill them by cutting them from their roots???! Well i have to get busy now... cooking up some stone soup for supper tonight.

Happy "Eat an Animal for PETA Day" y'all... and if you have a minute... go over and see what ladiosa dellago has to say about today.


As a little kid we never ate meat on Fridays! ...and why? ...because good little Catholic children didn't eat meat on Fridays - and if we did we had to tell the priest in the confessional that we did . ...and why? ... because eating meat on Friday was a mortal sin punishable by hellfire if we didn't confess! During Lent - that was another whole story - they actually added days to the list of times we couldn't eat meat! My mom used to make lots of macaroni and cheese (no Kraft's back then - REAL macaroni and cheese!). Occasionally she would fix a tuna casserole or eeeeeeeeew! get this... creamed salmon with peas on toast! Those were the special days!

When my kids were little... we had a lot of fishsticks - and 'Kraft' macaroni and cheese.... sometimes a tuna noodle casserole... sometimes salmon patties or salmon loaf - but never NEVER creamed salmon with peas on toast! We never had 'real' macaroni and cheese because a block of cheese never lasted that long around our house... besides, 'Kraft' was cheaper! Then when my kids were growing into teenagers, it was no longer a sin punishable by hellfire to eat meat on Friday. Why? Because the Pope said so, that's why! Actually, to be fair to the Pope, there was something called an ecumenical council that changed the 'bad people eat meat on Fridays' rule.

Anyway... now that i'm a grownup and my kids have their own kids...i eat all the meat i want... anytime i want! You know why? Because i can! ... and because i'm a carnivore just like a lot of other animals in God's creation! Now, boys and girls, have any of you ever heard of PETA? I'm not sure what those letters stand for but i'm sure it's something like "People who Eat Twigs Association" or something like that! Anyway... they say really BAD stuff about people like you and me who eat meat! They don't even want us to eat any fowl or fish either! What a bunch of wienies!!!

Back to the point... i was visiting a website called Yourish.com where they pointed me to one of the latest plain old foolish things that PETA is propagandizing about... they call it 'modern day holocaust.' My God! These people are crazier than i thought they were! They're just plain NUTZ!!! In rebellion to such maniacal behavior some other folks (not sure who) have declared March 15 National Eat an Animal for PETA Day! You can read all about that at Yourish.com. Hey! I'm picking sides! I'm going with the carnivores...


Forgot about the robins!!! How could i forget about the robins!???! They've been here several days now... digging in the snow under the hawthorne bush for berries... scrounging in old leaves for bugs... even at the feeder! This year they are here in droves.

Why the distractions? Had a birthday... the good news is it wasn't forgotten! Frank even baked me a birthday cake!!! --- first time ever!! The bad news? The bug had an accident... the good news? ...she told us about it right away!... more bad news? her car's a mess! ...more good news? she's okay!

The good news again?.... oh yeah!!! The robins!!! Can spring be far away? The other good news? Oh, yes! My baby's grown up. Know how i can tell? She told us about her misfortune and very eloquently I might add! I love you, Bug! ;-)


Okay... enough about me! Just read an interesting item titled 'Missing Pieces' from Barefoot With Chocolate, one of the blogs i like to frequent. I think this young woman got me to thinking today... maybe that's where i got the perspective to write about my birthday! I wish i could write about my mother in the manner she did... and have my mother actually approve of it... but i know she wouldn't.

It's my birthday! How does it make me feel?... glad to have yet another one, that's how!!! You know what's really strange? When i was a kid i remember always wishing i was older - my ideal age to become was 21! When i was 21 i was already mother of one and expecting baby number two! I was working on having the perfect family - mine! I was going to have a family of children - preferably girls - that would know they were loved! I hope i've accomplished that... i think i did! ...and got the girls too - six to be exact. No i have nothing against boys... i love my grandsons as much as my granddaughters... but girls i wanted and girls i got. I'm proud of the six beautiful and talented women my babies have become!

Which was my most unappreciated age? No, it wasn't 29... or even 39... (matter of fact i'm still 39!!! I was about 51 and shopping in a dollar store... on a Wednesday! The clerk at checkout asked me if i was over 50 - the reason? They had Wednesday specials for the older shoppers - and get this (!) ...they called it 'senior's day'!!! Can you believe? ... at 50? How mundane... how totally ridiculous! But it made me feel really down in the dumps! You see only a year before i'd been 'downsized' from Dow Chemical Company!!! This was early in the game... downsizing wasn't really a way of life yet... and i had taken it hard! I actually lived in a funk for several YEARS after that happened - years lost forever... unretrievable!

...and how old am i now? Well i'm younger than i was that day in the dollar store, that's for sure! I'm happy, noisy, vibrant, active and younger than ever!!! That's how old i am... and proud of every single year of it! Do i regret those 'lost' years? No not really... they weren't lost! I learned from them! Happy 39th birthday to me!


Found this fantastically fun little 'toy' and added it to my toolbar! It has all kinds of cool stuff you can do with it... including sending ecards right there within your email... most any email I might add. It works in My.Yahoo, Excite and Outlook Express so far that i know. You can also add backgrounds to your email... works sending out of Yahoo but backgrounds don't show on incoming for some reason... but everything else does. Also provides lots of cool skins for your toolbars but i found that it slowed down my computer too much... it was so loggy i thought it was broken! ;-( so got rid of the skins... Also... you can customize the toolbar somewhat (i made it shorter so i could drag it up to the end of another toolbar. Find this goody at http://hotbar.com/ or just click on the new picture of women on my sidebar.

Speaking of toolbars!!!...you should see mine! I've got 1.) the standard - you need it for file, edit, tools, etc..... 2.)Yahoo Companion... 3.) Links (showing imood updater and BlogrollThis... 4.) Address bar, of course... 5.) Google search bar (gotta have that!)... and ta dah!!! 6.)HotBar! These are all customized to show only what i want to see on them... then all scrunched up into only two - count them -- TWO -- toolbars! Very useful when surfing the net! You know how to do this, of course, don't you? All you do is click on your basic toolbar... click where it says 'lock toolbar' and it's unlocked! Then you can drag those other modified ones up to existing bars until you have - like me - 6 toolbars all on two lines!!! Then lock the toolbar of course... so you don't accidentally undo all that beautiful work! The internet... it's a beautiful thing!!!


Once a mom you are never again 'not a mom'... and one thing mom's do is worry. Foggy had a handbells thingy going on this morning... couldn't miss it because people from out of town were all involved too! I know she went. She had to drive through the winter storm we had yesterday to get home from practice and back for more practice and the performance today. The road was a glare of ice this morning! Worried though i was i'm proud of her too. It's that 'don't quit' attitude my girls all have! I'm proud of you Foggy!

Proud of gramps too! Determined guy that he is he spent a good share of yesterday on a computer-related project for OttO and kid! What a good dad and grampa! Guess he's a keeper?

Also i'm 'tickled pink' about a friend of mine... a very good friend, she has a blog that's getting a lot of web traffic. She calls her blog Ladiosa Dellago... and although i think she's quite an interesting person she doesn't want her identity known so i'm honoring her request. I do, however, recommend you read her blog. I've added it to my dropdown menu on this site as well, so if you forget to bookmark it today, you can always find her there.

Something new is on at Blogger - audio blogs! Haven't checked into it myself but there's a guy using it on his blog and even though his entry isn't all that interesting to me personally the concept is exciting!!! You just talk to your blog from your cell phone. Read all about it at Blogger. It sure has amazing possibilities!!! They're offering a free trial period right now but will be charging $3/month. Just think about it.... What would i call it? Radio Grumbleeze? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


What happened!!!!?!... we'll probably never know! Just finished watching the ll:00 p.m. news... ready to shut down the computer for the night... and BOOM!!#!!?!! ,,, a loud noise and simultaneously the power went out! ...and on... and out,,, a few beeps electronic clocks and such... The UPS beeping... and then the power was out for sure! Turned off the computers... looked around and saw houses on our road were also without power. (Yes believe it or not we've had occasion where some of the neighbors have power and others don't!) A local police car drives slowly by... flashing a searchlight toward the house... and he stopped - just south of our house - lights flashing and searchlight aimed out toward the empty field.

What we do know... a pickup truck loaded with teenagers flew off the road into the field. Nobody was hurt. There was no ice or snow on the road... it's just at the end of a curve (or beginning - depending on which direction you're headed toward). We know because... Gramps went out and asked the officer what happened.. and asked him to report our power outage, since we are currently without a cell phone... and our old-fashioned dial phone is up north. It's cold out; it's night; there's no power; we went to bed and hoped for the power to return. As I read by flashlight power, I could hear the officer and kids talking... heard the wrecker pull them out... and went to sleep. We woke up in a nice, cozy warm house - with electricity!

Will we ever know more about it? I don't think so. What a weird coincidence that the accident and the power outage were simultaneous! Apparently they were not connected in any way. Although our town, just like any other, has fires, accidents, vandalism and an occasional more serious crime, we never read about it in the newspaper. Prison sirens go off - blowing for five minutes straight... an occasional guy in your back yard with a suit and a badge... We never see anything about it on the local TV news. It's as though nothing ever happens here. Bizaare don't you think? We live in the "perfect" place!


I let Bubba use the computer for a little while this morning and... wonder of wonders! He found out he's been mentioned on another blog - Trailer Trash Family! Pretty cool, huh? He also mentioned a cute website you might want to look at when you've got a moment... here's his blog about it!

Okay.. my favorite search engine and the easiest and best... besides being the original... blogger place... that should be a good thing! What's with it guys? Can no long put our pictures on the sidebar... the table in yesterday's blog entry went bonkers... what's next? Is it gonna be bigger and better..... or are we going to have to move out to new territory? Come on... don' t disappoint us now!


Spring is when? My other half (neither is the better one) finally got to play with his new toy! Got that driveway cleaned out in maybe a half hour... I went out to get a photo of him starting... and before i knew it he was blowing out the turnaround! Well, okay, we got the snowblower as insurance against getting significant snowfall, but i personally know he was kind of excited about using it for the very first time!

Okay, i'll admit.... i was beginning to feel a little guilty about having a brand new computer while he was once again reformatting his old one! But hey! I'd forgotten about his new toy! You've got to admit that guys count their "work" machines as toys too! About Spring... i think it's supposed to get here on the 20th... that's only fifteen days away! Well, the weather guys are telling us this snowfall won't last. I can see it melting out there where it's been cleared from the driveway, already!


It's about that Al Quaeda bigshot who was arrested yesterday... Included in the stuff they got when they dug him out of his hole was a movie of him and his buddies planning the destruction of the twin towers.... yes that's right!!!... planning the 911 attack!!! Would you believe that this morning... listening to the Today Show, they were interviewing some bleeding heart creep who was actually defending the guy?!!! He was complaining about methods of questioning... that is... complaining that we shouldn't torture him to get answers!!! Can you imagine? This is the guy not only responsible for killing thousands of people in the World Trade Center, but he's responsible for the torture and beheading of the young American reporter from the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Pearl!


That was Friday... this is Sunday... what a difference a couple of days can make! Fell asleep in the middle of the day... I don't do that! Woke up in time to cook dinner... as i was beginning to get things ready - had a rebellion session. It dawned on me that even if my heart is perfect, i just had surgery! Part of the post-op instructions were... do not lift anything for five days.... this thought came just as i was filling up a big heavy pot with water to put on the stove! It dawned on me that when Frank has surgery... seems like a regular thing... he lays around, rests, and gets waited on!

So i had a fit... got some help... what would i do if i lived alone i ask ya!???! He was able to handle it... with the frozen meatballs (since thawed)... canned mushroom soup... packaged noodles... canned mushrooms... a little onion and celery (he learned how to sautee` them)... we ended up with a pretty tasty meal! All i had to do was sit back and give directions. Nicole, thanks for the Blue Mountain card! It made me smile. ;-)

Catching up on my reading this morning... the old fashioned way Our local newspaper has an article about a big "petition" put up on the wall at the mall. Decorated with "hands" - people are signing their names in support of our military troops who are being shipped out to the eastern part of the world. I'm giving you a chance to do the same thing online... See my photo of President Bush? Click on him and you will be transported to the place where i'm collecting signatures in support of our troops! They're not asking for money... just our verbal support! Go for it! Show all those "celebrities" out there who want to tell us how to think... well, show them what you really think! When you sign in you will receive a URL in your email asking you to notify ten to twenty people (via email) of their opportunity to support our troops just as you did! Let's make it an epidemic of good will toward those brave men and women who have voluntarily signed up to defend our great country in time of need!


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!!! What was that all about!????!!

Well now that i'm back to "normal" gotta move forward! What better way than to take another of those cute little internet quizzes... you know the kind! Yup this one tells you how dumb you are! I like it! Try it... you might like it too! Okay, here goes... i'm obviously no Bill Gates... 'cause Blogger kept puttin' this one out here strangely... but i'm gonna try one more time!

the internet junk 'how dumb are you test' deems me:
21% dumb!

overall you are not dumb, you are extremely focused and live your life by a plan, though others might see your single-mindedness as a dumb attitude

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