Found this fantastically fun little 'toy' and added it to my toolbar! It has all kinds of cool stuff you can do with it... including sending ecards right there within your email... most any email I might add. It works in My.Yahoo, Excite and Outlook Express so far that i know. You can also add backgrounds to your email... works sending out of Yahoo but backgrounds don't show on incoming for some reason... but everything else does. Also provides lots of cool skins for your toolbars but i found that it slowed down my computer too much... it was so loggy i thought it was broken! ;-( so got rid of the skins... Also... you can customize the toolbar somewhat (i made it shorter so i could drag it up to the end of another toolbar. Find this goody at http://hotbar.com/ or just click on the new picture of women on my sidebar.

Speaking of toolbars!!!...you should see mine! I've got 1.) the standard - you need it for file, edit, tools, etc..... 2.)Yahoo Companion... 3.) Links (showing imood updater and BlogrollThis... 4.) Address bar, of course... 5.) Google search bar (gotta have that!)... and ta dah!!! 6.)HotBar! These are all customized to show only what i want to see on them... then all scrunched up into only two - count them -- TWO -- toolbars! Very useful when surfing the net! You know how to do this, of course, don't you? All you do is click on your basic toolbar... click where it says 'lock toolbar' and it's unlocked! Then you can drag those other modified ones up to existing bars until you have - like me - 6 toolbars all on two lines!!! Then lock the toolbar of course... so you don't accidentally undo all that beautiful work! The internet... it's a beautiful thing!!!

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