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Where has the week gone? What ever happened to that promise made to myself that i would blog daily? Looks like i'm barely doing weekly! What does a retired woman do with her time? Well i don't know but if you're me, you're busier than when you had a job!

I've been messing around with some new mail providers... it all started when i accepted the Gmail offer. You get a whole gigabyte of storage for your email! It still has shortcomings so i don't use it for everything, much as i'd like. So far it doesn't work in HTML mode... only plain text which makes for more boring mail. Next, you can't make it your default mail. Most important, my old email addresses are more recognized for specific mailing lists!

Simultaneously with Gmail i signed up for the My Way start page and all it's trimmings, including a search bar. I read about MyWay in the May issue of Blue Chip News, our computer club's newsletter. I like it. It has all the features of MyYahoo but is much faster loading... probably because it's new and not used as much. Anyway, if you go MyWay you can also get a search bar that has a bunch of smilies and mail stationery and stuff! You can use the smilies anywhere... even on your webpage! See?

We went out of town twice in the past week... both times across state, a 2-1/2 hour trip one way! Then there was the truck repair! Yup, after all that driving we noticed some bad sounds and stuff... turns out the brakes needed some new parts... We went into town earlier this week to buy groceries and ended up leaving my truck at the shop and getting a ride home... no groceries! Yesterday we picked up the truck and bought the groceries. I guess my perfect pickup truck is now ready for another 6 years, eh?

Hey, i'm not complaining. It has 91,000 miles on it... it's a 1998 model... and it still looks like NEW!

BTW... you don't have to have MyWay start page to use the search bar. Beware however. It does not block popups so don't use it to replace your Google search bar!


I attended another great performance of *Fiddler on the Roof yesterday.I've seen it performed at least a dozen times. This time my husband and I were invited to attend as official photographers for a very talented group of middle school and high school students, taught and directed by our second born daughter. This first performance was also a dress rehearsal... performed for the pleasure of the very youngest few grades in a k-12 public school.

My talented daughter explained to these little ones in terms they could understand... it's about people who get 'picked on' because they are different.. it's about the way they celebrate special occasions (traditions)... and what they do about their problems. The kids were spellbound throughout the performance! Sharlene, you are a wonderful teacher.

What is the appeal of this musical play? What is it that will keep an auditorium full of 5-10 year olds quiet throughout the performance? Why do I keep coming back to it? I think it's because the story is something we can all relate to.... and I think it's because the bullies didn't really win, even though the family had to move away from their traditional home to a new country. If you want to know more about what I think of this great musical, you might want to read my blog at environmental quotes and quips

*Book by Joseph Stein
Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
Music by Jerry Bock


I wasn't going to blog until tomorrow but i can't wait for this... i'm angry!!! I just read Otto's blog for today and can you imagine this? She found a website where somebody stole her work... a calendar with a clock... all she did was change the colors!!! Then she has the gaul (sp?) (gawl?) to warn you she will prosecute if you steal her work. What an idiot! I just went there and signed her guestbook. If you know Otto... even if you don't... go here... and sign it yourself too! Tell her you know she cheated. I'm not giving the URL to her website here. If you want to check it out, read Otto's blog about it.


Life is good... We enjoyed a nice visit with most of the family Sunday. Patti and David helped us show off the butterflies in Midland to Janice and Susan on Monday. The girls were off in various directions visiting until today and now they're off and headed for home... except i haven't heard any planes yet. Hmmm! They must have already left; i just saw one headed toward the airport way off in the distance.

...and we have a temporary resolution to the APCUG website problem. No, their site is not up; consequently neither is our SVCA site, but i loaded the SVCA site to my domain last night so at least it can still be read on the internet. As a fringe benefit we now have an SVCA blog...


If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Sound familiar? Well here's a saga for you. Some of you may know i've ventured into a new avenue... President of our local computer association. I volunteered to do that after my dearly beloved husband (who knew nothing about website building) volunteered to replace the last webmaster of same association. He knew i'd help him get going... he knew it!

I did. I helped him. I took the whole thing and moved it into Microsoft FrontPage and even created our own theme according to what he visualized.... got it going and he can work with it. He's comfortable with it and doing a darned good job. At our last meeting he got all kinds of compliments... from our members and from visitors! So now... guess what happened?

Our server is down... and it's not as simple as it sounds. Our server is provided by the association our association belongs to! This guy is a volunteer just like me and as you know... some of us know and do and others pretend they know - or think they know - but don't! I'm afraid the poor fellow who decided he could change servers for us got in over his head. We've been down since last Saturday.. that's 3 days now...

Maybe i'll just move the site over to my domain until he gets it fixed. It's beginning to look like the way to go. Hmmm! who said being prez would be easy, eh?


I think i may have confused some people... I am all for a clean environment!!! Ask my kids. Throughout the growing up stages, first we camped out and then we spent lots of time on a houseboat. We spent... and still spend lots of time outdoors and always leave it like we find it. We respect the wonders of nature. We recycle. We even clean up after people who are less conscious of the environment. We only have one acre out in the country but it is a wildlife haven in the midst of farmland. The critters love to hang out here and we love to watch them.

I am against greed posing as environmentalists! That is the current state of affairs in my small town. There are people who have dreams of creating a 'wildlife refuge' along a whole series of river banks to the detriment of the human inhabitants who have already been living here for many years. It's not like we just all moved in, for heaven's sake!!! They have created a hysteria about something that has been here for 100 years more or less with no detrimental effects on the human population whatsoever.

So far they've accomplished a few things. They have... Do you think they are going to stop with our little rivers here in Michigan? Hah! Think again. Each time they step forward they feel empowered to go further.... and they will!


What do you think when you hear the word - environmentalist? I guess i always thought it was a good thing... all about cleaning up our environment. Now I don't think so! As individuals, many of us are probably true environmentalists but as organizations i'm beginning to think they all have personal agendas that are not necessarily for our good.

Right now in my beautiful state of Michigan... the Water Wonderland State... there is a group changing the limits on dioxin from the EPA's stated national accepted level of 1,000ppt (that would be parts per trillion. Do you know how tiny a part per trillion might be?) to a ridiculously impossible level of 90ppt. I knew there was something rotten happening when it happened to coincide with a changing of the guard politically. The more i read... the more i need to read... the more i learn... ad infinitum.

There are a few 'environmentalist' nutcases in my part of Michigan that have taken that new dioxin standard to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and had all the land in the Tittabawassee River floodplain declared a 'toxic waste facility' which means nobody should want to buy our land!!! Not only that, we should not want it. We should be willing to give it away to the state so they can make an extended swamp out of it!!! Read this letter to the editor of the Saginaw News and see what i mean.

Another thing i've read recently was about the Sierra Club... another group of environmental extremists. These people believe we should not allow any more immigration into the United States. Their rationale? There isn't enough room for the wildlife already. People are taking up their space. What do those nutcases think we should do? Cage people up in limited spaces?

Do you like my logo on the left? The one with the trash can? Why don't you join me in an anti-environmentalnut campaign. Put my logo on your site and link it to http://tittabawassee.blogspot.com. I will be eternally grateful. If you don't like the color, let me know and i'll make one up in the color of your choice.

I'm hoppin' mad!!! Part of the property i live on is in the Tittabawassee River floodplain. I've lived here for 45 years and paid mighty big taxes for the privilege! I'll be darned if i'm going to give it away!


My spirit flower is back, OttO! I took it off last week because it seemed like my blog took forever to open up and that's with cable!!! I couldn't imagine anybody with a phone modem even bothering to wait long enough to read it. I saved it though, so now i'm gonna give it another try.

Hey I saw my first sign of spring last week!!! It wasn't a robin... no I saw my first robin several weeks ago. No, it was a really big guy wearing shorts! Good gosh, it was about 50 degrees fahrenheit that day, but i guess vanity got the best of him?? He wanted to start working on his tan? Hmmm. Maybe he had been to Florida and already has a tan! I really couldn't tell because it was difficult to see his skin through his hairy legs! You know the weird part is he had a warm jacket on, so i guess he knew it was cold outside. The other weird thing was it looked like he was shopping with his son... anyway the kid was a lot younger than him..... and they were watching a cute little blonde chick. The geezer kept whispering something to the boy, then looking at the girl.... Golly, i hope they weren't stalking her!

...anyway, about the flower. If you're using a phone modem and this thing loads too slow, please leave a comment and let me know.

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