Where has the week gone? What ever happened to that promise made to myself that i would blog daily? Looks like i'm barely doing weekly! What does a retired woman do with her time? Well i don't know but if you're me, you're busier than when you had a job!

I've been messing around with some new mail providers... it all started when i accepted the Gmail offer. You get a whole gigabyte of storage for your email! It still has shortcomings so i don't use it for everything, much as i'd like. So far it doesn't work in HTML mode... only plain text which makes for more boring mail. Next, you can't make it your default mail. Most important, my old email addresses are more recognized for specific mailing lists!

Simultaneously with Gmail i signed up for the My Way start page and all it's trimmings, including a search bar. I read about MyWay in the May issue of Blue Chip News, our computer club's newsletter. I like it. It has all the features of MyYahoo but is much faster loading... probably because it's new and not used as much. Anyway, if you go MyWay you can also get a search bar that has a bunch of smilies and mail stationery and stuff! You can use the smilies anywhere... even on your webpage! See?

We went out of town twice in the past week... both times across state, a 2-1/2 hour trip one way! Then there was the truck repair! Yup, after all that driving we noticed some bad sounds and stuff... turns out the brakes needed some new parts... We went into town earlier this week to buy groceries and ended up leaving my truck at the shop and getting a ride home... no groceries! Yesterday we picked up the truck and bought the groceries. I guess my perfect pickup truck is now ready for another 6 years, eh?

Hey, i'm not complaining. It has 91,000 miles on it... it's a 1998 model... and it still looks like NEW!

BTW... you don't have to have MyWay start page to use the search bar. Beware however. It does not block popups so don't use it to replace your Google search bar!

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