Monday Madness....

...before next Monday is here! How did I miss it? Forgot to even check this week... until today. OttO said, 'Big thanks to Tricia for this week's question! Have fun, and thank you all for playing! =) Pick a letter from the alphabet, and then make a list of all the boy (or girl), (or both) names, that you can think of, which start with that letter.'

I chose 'S' and it was even harder than I expected but here are a few names: Sam, sally, shirley, sharlene, stanley, stuart, shelly, susan, sharon, suzanne, sparky, skippy, (oh! those last two are puppy names!) santa (yeah I know that's a stretch!)


Blogger Doldrums...

...also known as February. I noticed several of my favorite blogs are not updating as often lately. After a while we kind of quit checking them when we find they are still not updated. So why is THIS blog not updated more often?

One example - I started blogging here about a half hour ago... went over to the kitchen for something... distracted myself when I saw at least 10 lady bugs (aka Asian beetles) climbing the window! For some reason the infestation came late this season. They usually begin in November/December when weather just begins to get cold. Okay... call me evil - I started squishing them.

Something happened and I tipped my big aloe plant that sits in the window so had to catch it. There was soil all over, including in the sink. Had to clean it up and then take care of the aloe. Decided to move the other plants in the window... squished more bugs... they kept coming in - from where? I'm not sure; maybe the crack where the windows come together? I think they are just hatching. Some of them are smaller than other infestations so I think maybe they're mutating from chemical attempts to get rid of them. Cleaned up the mess created by dead bugs.

Opened blinds in the family room next to the kitchen... this to provide morning light on the geraniums in that window. They get light from ceiling windows but this is just so close and friendly to the plants. Looking forward to putting them outdoors in another couple of months. The snow WILL end.... I know it will. Now where was I? Oh yeah.... notice many lady bugs in that window (really a patio door) and the one adjacent to it... so I squished 'em!!!

So why am I blogging less? I guess you might call it distractions. When I'm not distracted by the doorbell or a phone ringing, I just distract myself. Hmmmmmmmm! Could that be why I still seem to be wrapped up in paper work? Where does it all come from? It wasn't like this when I had somebody to share the work... even though I did the paper work even then.

Okay, so what's your excuse?

Addendum: Did you know there's a Wednesday photo meme? Check it out at: http://fotopherrets.blogspot.com/ I liked the theme for this week and had a photo to fit it so you can see the picture of my lazy Bubba here. Talk about distractions! That photo was one of my Favorite 5 Photos for February... so now I have to find another one! Have you chosen your own Favorite 5 yet?


oooooooooo! I'm so pleased...

I made it onto Meg's quilt over at Mandarin Design!!! Stop by and see what she's been up to. Meg is always messing around with interesting ideas and new ways to make your blog look good. She's on my list of favorites and I'm hoping for more time in the future to get over there and learn about CSS, among other things.

My meds must be working!!! I slept through the night two nights in a row!!! This is the first in about a month, so no more sleeping in the daytime for this woman. Maybe I can get back to doing some things that need attention - and maybe some that I just want to do. - again. Still seeing the grief counselor though... I'm just afraid I don't want to let loose of him too soon... not really sure of some of my plans and decisions, even though some of my apprehensions and concerns have been calmed... or do I just like the attention?


Good morning...

Happy Valentines Day!

I slept through the night last night for the first time in a month... Is that all? It seems even longer!

Took my pill... the pain I feel when awakening will lessen in about an hour... Supposedly this too will lessen as the medication builds up in my body.

Today I have an appointment with my grief counselor. This could get to be habit forming. I enjoy talking with him.

Don't forget to read the entry I posted last night - late. It's where I have my answers to OttO's Monday Madness... and Don't forget to choose your favorite 5 photos for February!

and I just wanted to share this quote for today:

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep
it from themselves."
-- James Matthew Barrie, Author


Is it spring yet?

Feeling better each day... not feeling great but better is good! Sleeping at the darkside of days and awake in the light... and that is good too.

The pain is only a little bit - and not all the time. I guess those meds work!

Another good thing - the grief counselor. Who'da thunk it? I find myself actually looking forward to these meetings.

Seeing family - and friends again. Deciding what's important - and what's not. Getting caught up on things I usually do - and things that need doing.

No sherle, it is not spring yet - but the days are getting longer!

Okay... for a bit of Monday Madness. I answered this set of questions earlier today - before Natalie gave me a sweet little valentine gift.
1. What is the best (and worst) Valentines gift you have ever received? The husband & I typically didn't celebrate Valentine's Day with gifts... sometimes we'd have a special dinner or dessert.

2. What is the best (and worst) Valentines gift you have ever given? I used to make a heart-shaped cake for V Day when the kids were small. Hmmm.... what ever happened to those cake pans?

3. In the past, have you ever sent or received an anonymous Valentines Card? If so, do you now know who sent you the card? And if you've sent one, does the person you sent a card to know it was from you? Not really - I've always thought of Valentine's day as a kid's thing - bringing valentines to all the kids in school.

4. Have you ever sent an anonymous Valentines and got together with that person afterwards? no

5. Do you make special plans for Valentines, or is it just another commercial plan to make people spend money? I think it's fun for kids - I used to spend time with my kids preparing their valentines for the big day.

6. Do you buy, or make, traditional gifts, like red roses and chocolates, or do you like to be different? no but I DID bake a pie today.

7. Do you think you are with that special someone, are you waiting for that special someone, or is there 'the one that got away'? He died on August 29 2005... so I guess you could say he 'got away.'


still kicking...

Been a bit lazy, all three new medicines I'm taking to combat this virus that attacked me have side effects. The one that's working in all 3 pills is sleepiness! I take the anti-virus pill 5 times a day... and will do so until they are gone. Result? The 'shingles' sores never got fully developed and are disappearing. Thank God for a good doctor and modern medicine. The pain is disappearing too... nowhere near as severe as the beginning. I've been doing little more than sleeping and talking on the phone.

...but OttO has provided us with a bit of Monday Madness! so here we go.
True or False (and feel free to elaborate)

1. I consider myself to be very organized. Not really! I'm more organized in my mind than physically. It seems every time I start to 'get organized' I interrupt myself with something more fun. The husband was totally disorganized, however, and maybe I just feel this way because I'm trying to sort out all his 'stuff' and get it organized so i can give it away or sell it. I don't even know what some of it is... and sometimes the parts are not all in one place.

2. I tend to get more done when I'm pressed for time. True...deadlines are typically met at the last minute. That way I don't have time to keep making changes, etc.

3. Multi-tasking is something I do often. True - but only with the typically easy stuff. Right now I'm blogging, washing dishes, catching up on the news and trying to decide if I should stay home from a meeting tonight. I do NOT multi-task multiple things the require thought because this leaves too much room for error.

4. I might be a perfectionist. False - I like things to 'look good' but I'm too impatient to take the extra time required to create perfection. Pretty good is usually good enough for me.

5. I enjoy Mondays as much as I enjoy Fridays. True - I'm retired. Since the husband died though, I'm kind of not looking forward to weekends! Strange huh? I guess this is because he was just old-fashioned enough to enjoy weekends like he did when he had to earn a living. Without him, weekends are a bigger loss than weekdays. I'm working on changing this though, with spontaneous phone calls and such. I really don't like driving in winter but summertime will be a new and very different adventure.

6. If I didn't make a list (or hang a post-it note) I'd forget what it is I need to do. True. I may lose the note but just writing it down helps me remember stuff.

7. I have no problem asking for help when I don't understand something. True - I grew up believing there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Today - not surprisingly - I'm feeling click me to get your own moody bears from OttO!


Don't Like Punxsutawney Phil's Prediction?

...Come to Freeland Michigan! The groundhog under my garage - forever after referred to as Freeland Fil, did NOT see his shadow this morning! Over there in Pennsylvania Phil saw his shadow! Lucy isn't blogging today because she's over there in Punxsutawney, but she sure peaked my interest in the critter. Darn! It's almost sunny now... will that change Freeland Fil's prediction? Tell me NO!

Yesterday Ruth had answers to five 'get to know you' questions. Why not stop by and share your answers with her? Here are mine:
Five Get-to-Know-You Questions (Copy the questions and provide your answers. Link back so we can see how far this goes.)
1. What was your favorite game as a child? Hmmm! I played cowboys & indians with my brother & his friends and once in a while I'd make him play house with me!

2. What's the best thing about being you? You can believe me.

3. What's your favorite meal of the day, and why? Currently food doesn't much matter to me but traditionally my favorite meal is dinner because that is a good time for family or friends to catch up with each other on the day's progress.

4. Would you rather be exceptionally smart or exceptionally good-looking? Neither... I'd prefer smart enough and lookin' good but not perfect. I'm not sure I could handle all that perfection in either department!

5. How would you describe your underwear drawer? rather neat, simple, clean, non-impressive.

...and don't forget Monday Madness!
Number 5 daughter Natalie (aka OttO) asks: Have you ever played the A-Z game? Here's how we played this past Christmas: The first person has to start with the letter A and name something that is related to Christmas, the next player has to repeat the A-word, PLUS one beginning with the letter B, and so on, and so on. NOW, for my challenge to you! Using the letters of the alphabet in order, name as many words as you can (or want, or feel like it) that have something to do with the town (or state) you live (or work) in...
Bigger than it was 10 years ago
Central to a tri-cities area
Darned near perfect
Early settlement for lumbermen
Good farmland
Happy residents
Important people live here (aren't we all?)
Januarys are cold
Kind people live here
Lots of variety in personalities
Many cornfields
Near colleges
Opportunities for growth
Partly sunny
Quiet afternoons
Red sunsets
Soy beans & sugar beets
Tittabawassee River
United efforts
Venerable old families
Xtra nice folks
Young & old
Zebras don't live here!

...and here's a 'Sherle Report' - I'm fine... even better because I learned there was actually a physical reason for my funky feeling. The bad news is I have shingles (aka herpes zoster, a relative of the childhood disease, chicken pox) and will have it the rest of my life. Hopefully the meds my new doctor prescribed will control that factor. The pain was so all encompassing that it would bring out negative aspects in Mother Teresa! ...and I'm NO Mother Teresa so you can just imagine.

As many know, 'the husband' died on August 29. What many didn't know is our doctor changed direction around that same time. Last week I was hurting - from the herpes and from the husband loss - and even with the best family in the world I felt all alone and miserable. Today I have a new medical doctor taking care of the body and another doctor, of the ph.D variety, who is helping me take care of my grief. Already issues with both mind and body are lessening. I just want to thank everybody for caring. I love you, one and all.

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