oooooooooo! I'm so pleased...

I made it onto Meg's quilt over at Mandarin Design!!! Stop by and see what she's been up to. Meg is always messing around with interesting ideas and new ways to make your blog look good. She's on my list of favorites and I'm hoping for more time in the future to get over there and learn about CSS, among other things.

My meds must be working!!! I slept through the night two nights in a row!!! This is the first in about a month, so no more sleeping in the daytime for this woman. Maybe I can get back to doing some things that need attention - and maybe some that I just want to do. - again. Still seeing the grief counselor though... I'm just afraid I don't want to let loose of him too soon... not really sure of some of my plans and decisions, even though some of my apprehensions and concerns have been calmed... or do I just like the attention?

sounds like you're turning a corner, missy sherle . . . and that is a good thing!

I think you should see him as long as you want to.

About being on Mandarin Design's quilt; I happened to stop over there yesterday and noticed you were there! Congrats!

Love you!
hi sherle,
i know this is an introspective time for you...and i pray for you daily.
my grandson...7 mths old is visiting from kansas city...so nice...
do you have any good peroghy recipes...i'm making some on saturday...
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