Help me! Help me! Help me!

I thought this project was going to be easy. Had some work done on the house. Outside, in front some solar stuff was replaced with vertical 'smart board' that looks like cedar. More is under a set of 3 windows that were put in to replace a big old worn out bay window last fall. The entire back of the house is cedar-look vertical panel (previously stained but it will be painted same color as the smart board in front. There also is a deck across the back - upper level. The south wall is solar; the north wall and parts of the front are conventional clapboard look hardboard (horizontal) in need of repainting. Checked out the Sherwin-Williams website. It's a fantastic tool for choosing paint colors!!!

None of the example houses look like mine but I chose a couple that show my color choices best. My problem is: I have too many choices - only need one! I put one of the color combos on my desktop and decided it was overwhelming in living color! That's when I went back to the drawing board... and found Sherwin-Williams and so many choices. Please help me make a choice. (Sharba, don't tell which was my first choice, okay? But help me with a new choice.)

The main color is 'fired brick' - trim (windows, etc.) is white. Choices for the secondary color - vertical panels & garage doors are: 1) chamois, 2) link grey, 3) spangle, 4) baked clay, 5) white truffle, 6) ryegrass, and 7) restoration ivory. You'll probably be able to see the color differences better if you click on the one shown here to see it full-sized.

After I finally make a decision I'll tell you which one I chose and why I decided against my first choice.


Monday Madness... gotta do it!!

Answered these earlier but had to take my Bubba to the doctor. I thought he was just 'acting up' and was hoping he could be calmed with drugs. He's been urinating in places he shouldn't - like where the litter box was yesterday, or alongside of it.

One of my daughters had suggested I take him to the vet when he first started doing this a couple of months ago (estimation is on the low side). It even caused some related problems between daughter and me - some because of her suggestions and some because of my attitude toward those suggestions... long story short - YOU WERE RIGHT, FOGGY!!! If I had taken him in sooner, Doctor Sherwood's challenge would not be so great. He is diabetic. His numbers should be around 200 and his are over 600!!!

He's a sick kitty and will be in hospital overnight so she can regulate how much insulin and a feeding schedule for him... maybe two nights actually. She asked me if I would be able to administer his insulin and I said YES! If it was Daisy Mae I probably wouldn't be able to without big impenetrable gloves, but for Bubba, YES! I was so relieved because I had decided I cannot deal with cleaning cat messes any place other than the litter boxes... but I really didn't want to have him 'put to sleep.'

Oh yeah... Monday Madness:
Otto says: What comes to mind when you think of the following colors?
RED: festive, happy
BLUE: skies
GREEN: fresh & cool
YELLOW: summery & hot
PURPLE: passion
PINK: soft, gentle
ORANGE: watch out!
BLACK: perfect for accessorizing
WHITE: pure, virginal

These were fun, OttO! Forgot to tell you that when you phoned me today... and again when I phoned to tell you how Bubba is doing! Thank you for keeping this meme going! ;-)


Life is good...

...and my Bubba knows it! Look at that face. Don'tcha just gotta love it? He always blinks when I have to use the flash... darn!

Yeah I know... haven't blogged in a few days. Been busy... getting ready for another phase to finishing stuff my Frank started. Moved some plants (3 little deprived rosebushes that needed a new outlook on life anyway and some perennial geraniums to fill in the voids where I have some other perennials growing.) Trimmed out some shrubs - drastically - to give room for my carpenter friend to put up new siding in the front of my house. Moved more stuff out of the room my drywall friend is going to finish out for me. It had become a place to put stuff that I have no use for and some of Frank's stuff that I can't even identify... don't know what it is!

Here is my Monday Madness for this week. Thanks, OttO - good questions! ;-)

What is your favorite framed object in your house? ...actually, the house! It had to be 'framed in' before it was built. ;-) Just yanking your chain, OttO! I've just put together a collage of photos to remember your dad (my husband) in a really nice combo of five frames in one. I call it my 'shrine to Frank.' I liked the frames so much I bought two and gave one to my mother.

2. If you had a choice of being a carnivore or a herbivore, which one would you be, and why? I do have a choice & I'm definitely a carnivore!!! I often feel a real need for protein in the form of meat. I'm parcially herbivore however, because I actually enjoy eating veggies, but would not make a good vegetarian - because of that body craving for the taste of meat!

3. Who do you think should have won the FIFA World Cup? Or, don't you care? Had to look up this one... didn't know that was the official term for the world soccer cup. I could care less who won but obviously some people do! At one point there was a big riot during the semi-finals.

4. What's your feelings on stormy weather? We need the rain... and storms have always been a part of the earth's ecology. Without rain we could be neither carnivore nor herbivore - we would not survive! Too bad some of those storms are so violent. There is a belief that energy on earth never disappears; it just regroups. Take this how you will; I consider it a real philosophical statement. Think about it.

5. Do you believe in "time out" chairs? Seems like a good idea. In the old days we would send the kids to their room - but that wouldn't be a punishment for most kids nowadays - what with the kids having tv's, video games, telephones, computers, etc. in their rooms. I guess considering that, a 'time out' chair is a good thing!

6. Have you ever bought or sold anything on Ebay? no - but I might try it. I do have a couple of things of value to get rid of. I've read that we now have an eBay service center in my town. I think this is one where they actually sell the stuff for you and they get a commission for doing it.


Decided to share...

this article from the Midland Daily News - It's a pontoon paradise. What are they talking about? ... Sanford Lake... and it's just up the way a piece from where I live. Oh my, and can you believe - the article mentions a couple of - oh my - women - who actually were moving those boats around on the water... kind of like 'driving' them or like they are the captains of their own ships. One of them even runs a marina where you can buy gas for your boat... who'da thunk it? Ain't life grand? So who are the old ladies in my family? ...... not me! Okay, just read the article. I guess what I'm trying to say... pontoons are for happy people. ;-)


Who needs the crowds...

... the squishing and squeezing... the verbal abuse..... or the frustratingly slow movement toward whereever your transportation was parked so you can finally get away from the crowds? Last night was a delightful finale to the big Fourth of July - Independence Day weekend!

The local CBS television crew treated me to a festival of fireworks from not one... not two... but three cities in our area - and all of this in the comfort of my favorite lounge chair! This is the way to go. I think I have begun a relaxing new tradition.


It's Independence Day...

Happy July 4!!!
This morning began with my morning wake up cuppa' coffee and an inspirational quote in my email...

"Listening is a high art of loving. Ask yourself, 'When was the last time I
really listened to my child? My parent? My brother or sister?' When someone is ready to share, three magic words amplify your connection, and they are: 'Tell me more.'"

-- Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey

...and in a similar vein - there's a new study out. Heard about it on the morning news today. Ya' know how some folks are always trying to blame their parents for every problem, personality disorder, or shortcoming? Well this study says if you're gonna blame somebody, blame your siblings!

Not really but it appears some new thinking says that siblings have more influence in the development of one's personality and general socialization than anybody else. Read this short summary of the study at cnn.com and see for yourself. At last, a study of real people - and it actually makes sense!

CNN.com - The new science of siblings - Jul 2, 2006

Thank you Emilio & Miguel for moving that heavy furniture today... and then ripping out that nasty old carpet & padding in the remodel area!!! You guys are great! Nat, thanks for letting them 'out of the kitchen' to leave your remodel job for a while in order to get me ready for the next phase of mine! ;-)


It's Independence Day Weekend in the U.S...

My weekend began on Friday with a trip across state to Mason County where I tended to some personal business and daughter Shar & I got in some quality time walking the pier at the City Park in Ludington. It was a beautiful relaxing and productive day... well worth the five hour round trip!

This is the top of the lighthouse at the end of the pier. Visit sherle's photos for five other views of this lighthouse... taken as we strolled the pier.

Yesterday I met with the two daughters who don't want their names mentioned on blogs and took them, their husbands and one grandchild on a little trip along the Saginaw River in my pontoon boat. It was a busy day on the river - loads of families out for the day... many probably getting set to find their spots to anchor and watch fireworks from their boats. (Both of these two daughters had previously suggested we take my boat out to watch fireworks tonight - the big night! I kept insisting I don't like boating in the dark and especially with so much traffic.) Needless to say, but I will, they no longer think it's a good idea.... and NO - I didn't do anything stupid or wrong! There was just a lot of boat traffic yesterday, along with the constant and contual negative nerative produced by number one of the two. Yes, I DID tune her out and maintain a moderate blood pressure.

Here's a U.S. Navy boat that had a bunch of tourists aboard for a ride. I think they actually had to pay for a boat ride.

Three of my passengers weren't as happy about a trip on the water. The two daughters, both of whom always used to say they have 'happy memories' of times on our houseboat when they were young, let me know they are not 'boat people' - one of them constantly telling me where the boat traffic was and what I should do about it. The other told me she hoped I will understand if she doesn't want to go with me again and her child took on her mood about the excursion. I asked the one husband if he wanted to drive for a while... and he did... but it didn't stop his wife from giving orders.... all the while declaring she knows nothing about boats and doesn't want to! I know they wouldn't have been that anti-boater if I were ashes and their father was running the boat!

...so now, when you read my Monday Madness answers, I hope you'll know where I'm coming from! God bless America and Happy July 4!

Otto (one of my supportive daughters) says, 'I lost track of my days; with this weekend being a holiday weekend here in the US, it slipped my mind until now to post questions. Please forgive me! Ok, on to this week's questions...

Thanks to Tricia for the first three questions below!'

1. Have you ever traveled outside of your own country? Yes - I've visited Canada several times.

2. If you could be any animal, which animal would you be, and why? Homo sapiens because of the free will thing, opposable thumbs, and all that stuff. ;-)

3. Do you read manga? Nope, I don't even read American comic books. (...but thanks for the intro to manga - I never heard of it before!)

4. Are you doing anything special to celebrate Independence Day? (For those of you who don't live in the U.S., did you do anything special this past weekend?) Yes, yesterday I took a some family members out for a boat ride. I learned that neither of these two daughters likes boats (a new dislike??? they always enjoyed going when they had a father!)... so today I celebrated my independence by mowing the lawn so I can pamper myself and celebrate my independence the rest of this holiday weekend!

5. How many memes do you participate in regularly? three... Monday Madness, foto pherrets, favorite 5 fotos.

6. How much is a gallon of gasoline where you live? Have you cut down on your driving since the prices have gone up? When I left for Ludington Friday, the average price for regular unleaded was $3.009/gal. but I got mine in Ludington for $2.979/gal. Yesterday, coming home from Bay City I noticed gas prices in my town were down to $2.929/gal. The price won't stop me - I don't do that much traveling anyway... and what with enjoying my independence and all.....!

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