Monday Madness... gotta do it!!

Answered these earlier but had to take my Bubba to the doctor. I thought he was just 'acting up' and was hoping he could be calmed with drugs. He's been urinating in places he shouldn't - like where the litter box was yesterday, or alongside of it.

One of my daughters had suggested I take him to the vet when he first started doing this a couple of months ago (estimation is on the low side). It even caused some related problems between daughter and me - some because of her suggestions and some because of my attitude toward those suggestions... long story short - YOU WERE RIGHT, FOGGY!!! If I had taken him in sooner, Doctor Sherwood's challenge would not be so great. He is diabetic. His numbers should be around 200 and his are over 600!!!

He's a sick kitty and will be in hospital overnight so she can regulate how much insulin and a feeding schedule for him... maybe two nights actually. She asked me if I would be able to administer his insulin and I said YES! If it was Daisy Mae I probably wouldn't be able to without big impenetrable gloves, but for Bubba, YES! I was so relieved because I had decided I cannot deal with cleaning cat messes any place other than the litter boxes... but I really didn't want to have him 'put to sleep.'

Oh yeah... Monday Madness:
Otto says: What comes to mind when you think of the following colors?
RED: festive, happy
BLUE: skies
GREEN: fresh & cool
YELLOW: summery & hot
PURPLE: passion
PINK: soft, gentle
ORANGE: watch out!
BLACK: perfect for accessorizing
WHITE: pure, virginal

These were fun, OttO! Forgot to tell you that when you phoned me today... and again when I phoned to tell you how Bubba is doing! Thank you for keeping this meme going! ;-)

Poor Bubba! I'm glad you took him in! Good luck with the injection stuff. Love ya!
i'm glad we know what's up with Bubba; I guess with proper meds and diet, he'll be much better, right? Maybe you won't be able to have the cat buffet out all day though (?)
hiya Sherle! Sounds like you have your plate full with the kitties.

Grannicks Bitter apple is at Meijers: in the dog section. So far, so good. **fingers crossed**
Poor Bubba. I think he lives with the right family. I'd like to think that I'd be able to do the injection thing if it was really necessary.

My best to the Bubba.
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