Formerly a big advocate of msn communities I'm disappointed now that they have become "groups" because my msn sites are kind of messed up! Been trying to update one of the pages and keep getting the "page can't be found" message! The problem with msn is that you can't even try to change the page address, since it's been assigned by them in the first place! Bummer! I'm fearing that sherle solace's place will have to be on my cut list!


...a couple of things. First, I can't visit this site by clicking on the URL in my bookmarks prior to 10 a.m. eastern daylight time most mornings. Anybody else having a similar problem - either with this site or one of yours. Respond either to me - granni39 or go to BlogMonstersAnonymous. I have notified the pyra administrator as well as the development group. Will let you know what comes of this.

Second, to whom it may concern, I'm moving the picture you commented on at Grumbles from granni39 to a lesser page and replacing it with a beautiful shot of me, my spouse and a gorgeous Tridge Troll!

Third, keep those cards and letters coming! It's what keeps an old brawd going!!! ;-)


Another beautiful woman poem... received this one from a friend who just started using email. She doesn't have a computer because, she said, she doesn't have room for one, but she does have an email machine. It keeps her in touch with her friends and family around the country. Isn't it wonderful that we have such great things available to us now? Anyway, here's the poem:

~Beauty of a Woman~
The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure she carries, or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart,
The place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman Is not in a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
It is the caring that she lovingly gives,
The passion that she shows.
The beauty of a woman
With passing years -- only grows


I thought our bicycle trip to the lighthouse was a voyage Sunday - what with the sandy spots and all. There were places where we walked the bikes because we couldn't ride through the sand. Yesterday when I checked my email, the latest entry to Bicycle Around the World was here from our friend Dale. It was his update from FuXian - in the mountains of China! He fills us in a little on the terrain, the beauty of the fields, the food... more wonderful people and ... well, how would YOU like to be awakened from a sound sleep to the appearance of four policemen looking at you? It sure made me realize what a woose I am! (How do you spell woose?) That looks like it rhymes with moose, maybe it should be spelled wuss? ... to rhyme with puss? as in Puss in Boots? ... what do ya think?

Anyway, I got his missive into the website I made for that purpose and started working on granni39's kidspage for August. It's not ready yet, but I'd like to get it done before August, dont'cha know? This was sort of in between laundry loads - yes - I like to do it once a week or so and all at once. Then I don't have to think about it for awhile. The secret is to have lots of underwear; that way you don't have to do laundry until you run out. Wouldn't disposable clothes be nice? Something to think about!

Oh yeah! I finally made a couple of appointments gramps has been bugging me about for a few months now - dental and optical. What with my annual physical this week I should be tiptop!!! Right?


What a delightful surprise greeted me this morning! An email from my friend, JudyO included the URL to her new website. It's just beginning - perfect and beautiful - just like everything she does. Visit Comfort Quilts to see some beautiful people practicing an old craft with lots of talent and love! I have neither the patience nor expertise to create such works of art that these ladies produce, but am loaded with admiration for their talents. Congratulations, Judy!

Thank heaven Saturday was cooler than Sunday!Some family fun on the westside included a bike ride to the Big Sable lighthouse at Ludington State Park. It's a trip... but granni made it... with a little encouragement once in awhile from the son-in-law, who rode behind us all with bicycle pump in tow. Gramps, of course, had no problem; with that pacemaker of his he's like the energizer bunny! We went to the lighthouse once before but that time the house was closed. Was quite a trip up to the top - gotta say the old lighthouse managers really had their work cut out for them.

Although the operation is automated now, the volunteers who work there during tourist season really earn their money. The lady we talked with is from California. She and her husband spend two weeks in Michigan every year, working in the lighthouse. He was operating the cash register in the gift shop; she yakking with the visitors - showing a video and some of the old timey stuff that was originally used in the place. It's not all fun and people though. She told us that once the place closes at 6:00 pm it's time for them to keep the place looking good from top to bottom - literally! Up and down the winding stairs with a broom is one job - restocking the gift shop and replenishing supplies gets them into the basement - where the ceiling just grazes her head (she's 5 ft. 9 in. tall) and her husband works down there only in a stooped position!

Sunday was so hot - top job was just "get ready to go home!" Even with those wonderful new windows opened and two fans going we melted - inside or outside. I really don't want an air conditioner at the cottage because it might keep me inside too much! Pam's kabobs were great though! It was worth staying and having our traditional "early dinner" before packing up for home. Another plus - Granddaughter number one volunteered to handle the children's games next week at the Lake Association's annual meeting and potluck dinner. Thanks, enel!


What day is it? Where am I? Would I make a good world traveler? I don't think so! Wednesday arrived Scottville around 1:00 p.m. - weather was perfect - 11 degrees cooler lakeside!!! No need for air conditioners at the cottage, just open up windows and enjoy mother nature's air! Had a board meeting last night.

We woke up to the blessed sound of rain, but it was short-lived. Was able to send out a notice about the annual membership meeting to all members with email. The prez will send a newsletter/meeting announcement to everybody on our mailing list. He's doing a great job - a guy who really cares about the ecosystem of our lake! Many of the officers and board members grew up at the lake and the rest live there now. In the best of all possible worlds I think I would live at the lake from May to October and here in the winter time!

Anyway, we made it home today around 1:30 after stopping at the library to drop off the talking book we finished on our way home. Took care of a couple of things that needed doing, then were off to the local DEQ to pick up some booklets for the lake association. After a trip to pick up a few groceries and hey! you just can't pass up the opportunity to buy Coca Cola at $1.99/12 pack, now can you? ...we were home in time for dinner. Hoping to make it up to the lake tomorrow to begin an early weekend so we can be home all of next week when I have a couple of medical appointments - annual maintenance. Oh!!!! Hi there! ;-)


Well looky there!!! The weather in Freeland is 92 and in Scottville it's only 81! Woweeeeee! Viva la difference!!! ;-)

The Food Pyramid This is the BEST explanation of the food pyramid I've ever seen! It shows how much of each group is advisable depending on age and activity level. Not sure if it's a permanent fixture of AllRecipes or not, so read it while you can. ;-)


So many subjects; so little time! Some days I feel like I could just spend the day writing. I have other things to do today so I guess I'll just cover one topic:
Freeland board's idea of "maintaining the small town flavor in downtown Freeland" A few people in this town - some relative "newcomers" and others kids that grew up with my kids - think they know what's best for this little community we chose to live in forty-five years ago. As a child I lived in Freeland for a short while - with my Aunt Fleda, a teacher in a one room school house at that time. The store, Sarle's, was a general store where you could buy much of your food items out of big barrels (the original bulk food concept). I remember Aunt Fleda let me take a coffee bean out of a barrel and chew on it to see how it tasted... yucky! Where Sarle's stood is - well - I think it's the bank's parking lot! That was added before the current generation of "village fathers" took over.

I remember when we drove to Midland from Saginaw to visit my mom's family, we would stop at Gaffney's for ice cream cones! The current group of board members allowed a Burger King to be placed there. That edifice produces much of the litter along some of our formerly scenic drives... and of course, we have a McDonald's! The main road through town is a state highway where you have to slow down because we have a traffic light on the corner where Gaffney's used to be. Freeland has an abnormal number of gas stations, bars, restaurants and car dealerships along that strip, considering the size of the village, but somebody on the board has decided we can't add another used car lot in the place where we currently have an ugly abandoned building! Could it be because one of the people who "runs" Freeland already owns a used car lot along this strip?

When we were remodeling our home twenty-some years ago, the "fathers" ruled that nobody could build along our road unless they owned a five acre plot of land. Smaller lots already existed at that time. We were not allowed to attach a garage in front of the house (we wanted to do so to block road noise and westerly winds) because it would be too close to the road. A few short years later a huge new house was built as close to the road as our garage would have been and the five-acre rule was apparently abandoned. The new generation "fathers" have allowed giant houses to be built so close that each resident can shake hands with his next door neighbor. Fields of corn, beets, wheat and beans are continually replaced by more ot those edifices - many of which are built for more than one family; they look like duplexes but I'm told there's a new fancy word for them. Is it possible that the "rules" change as needs and desires of the board members and their friends change?

Somebody on the board decided she wanted pretty lamp posts along a small portion of town... and iron fences in front of some of the uglier buildings. Then they planted flowers in front of the ugly iron fences. Did they really think that 3 foot fences would hide an ugly abandoned building and it's deteriorating parking lot?..... or a gas station? Do the pretty flowers draw your eye from the fences? Come on folks, get real! The REAL small town charm of Freeland is gone and no amount of talk can bring it back!


Good Morning World!!! Isn't it great to be alive? It rained last night. Sometimes rain is good. Our farms need it! Our earth needs it. Thank you God!


I LIKE OttO's BlOggOs - the name and what it says!

My lost archives are back! I just LOVE Blogger - it just keeps getting better. Couldn't figure why archives were only partial but the simple "help" section really DOES help! If you've missed any Grumbleeze blogs - check 'em out!


Later... was blogging yesterday's activities - accidentally deleted the whole thing! Will have to do it later! I was so PROUD of myself - connected to the internet - outside by the lake - watching the fishermen and enjoying the quiet lakeside morning - all that and cable modem connection! Well, will get back to yesterday's blog later ;-)

Yeah!!! I didn't lose it after all! Just went to see how this looks on Grumbleeze and saw it - stopped in mid-sentence. Will fix later. Got some fine company right now. ;-)

Wakin' "visitor kid" up to take pictures of the sunrise? Gramps, you are cruel!!!. The day started with a glorious sunrise (that I got to see the "lazy" way - by photo)... and ended with a BANG!!!

The girls and gramps went paddle-boating after breakfast... I had some stuff to do to "finish off" our move back to the cottage from the bunkhouse. Then we were all off to the the Ludington State Park

Walked about the dam trail - saw deer across the river - the photogfanatics got some good pics! Lunched overlooking the river and did some more walking. Lots of exercise. Haven't been to the lost island trail in quite awhile, so we did part of it after lunch. Couldn't go the whole way because we had plans for the evening and had to get back to prepare for it. Identified a couple of possible trail hikes for our next State Park expedition.

Ooo-ooo-ooo-a-a-a-a-ah!!! Hamlin Lake fireworks - the WAY to see them! With Sharba and fam and OttO and Al! No crowds pushing at our elbows! No traffic jam when we leave!!! Just us on Kaybee's pontoon boat right there at the lake's edge.

We first had a picnic... no fuss... contributions from all... then a boat ride...Geo blabbling with us... Al and Girly with their special secrets, looking at us older ones like we're a little "out of it." Girly doing donuts with the pontoon... Grampa convincing her parents to let her "let 'er rip" and we got to see how fast the boat goes! Gramps and OttO doing their photo thing during the fireworks! What fun... some fun pics too! Will probably post a couple on my grumblin' granni site. Not only that... gramps and OttO shot more beautiful sunsets! ...more wonderful days to remember...


What a BEAUTIFUL morning! The sun is shining - almost not even a small breeze - it's a bit cool but expected temperature today in the low 80's! Too early for the noisy boats yet! Just a few quiet fishing boats around the lake with more people who enjoy the quiet mornings on the lake.Soon enough the jetskis will be zooming around - tearing up the lake - frightening the turtles and generally making a public nuisance of themselves. Good thing we have the 11:00 - 7:30 ordinance. Too bad it isn't a bit shorter so that the rest of us could enjoy the lake a little longer on the weekends!

Last weekend the DNR made an appearance on Saturday. The jetskiiers were doing their usual illegal hijinks all day long - zooming in and around each other, other boats and swimmers. Then all was quiet. Most of them KNOW the rules because once the DNR shows up they behave themselves. Why don't they show up in a little less conspicuous manner? They see orange vests on jetskiiers and the people who own boats out here know they're official!

We're still in the bunkhouse this morning but planning to move over to the lakefront cottage later today. Got some clean-up work done yesterday... will do more today. Willing to live without "real" walls until the weather cools off this fall. Want to enjoy the wonderful BIG windows we installed last fall! The whole place is even more enjoyable with such a glorious view of the lake. We LOVE it!


Well, here we are - no kids - no cats - no dog - HELP! Yeah yeah I know - I've still got my computer! and the cable modem! but... it's just not the same. Yeah yeah I know - I DO have the main cottage to clean up so we can live in it for the rest of summer! but... it's just not right. Lookin' for to see you tomorrow, Al and OttO! ...then you and yours the next day, Gilligan! Meanwhile... it's just us... the "old" folks! Thanks for all those great e-cards everybody!
Happy Independence Day!!!


It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone would be stupid enough to try and pass them. -a modern truism
What about that guy who decided to sue the U.S. to take the words "under God" out of our beloved Pledge of Allegiance? Won't dignify him with putting his name here but people who know him say he's a really bright guy and not a nut! Those people must be nuts too! How many people do you know that take the time to cross off the words "In God we trust" off all the currency in your pocket?
God bless America.


Photos via frankmon911
Just tried to do spouse friend a little favor - updating his Angelfire website to include his other galleries ... partial success only. Something went "bing-a-bang" and the rest of my entries didn't take - even his closing phrase already on the site would not show up! Bummer!!!

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