Wakin' "visitor kid" up to take pictures of the sunrise? Gramps, you are cruel!!!. The day started with a glorious sunrise (that I got to see the "lazy" way - by photo)... and ended with a BANG!!!

The girls and gramps went paddle-boating after breakfast... I had some stuff to do to "finish off" our move back to the cottage from the bunkhouse. Then we were all off to the the Ludington State Park

Walked about the dam trail - saw deer across the river - the photogfanatics got some good pics! Lunched overlooking the river and did some more walking. Lots of exercise. Haven't been to the lost island trail in quite awhile, so we did part of it after lunch. Couldn't go the whole way because we had plans for the evening and had to get back to prepare for it. Identified a couple of possible trail hikes for our next State Park expedition.

Ooo-ooo-ooo-a-a-a-a-ah!!! Hamlin Lake fireworks - the WAY to see them! With Sharba and fam and OttO and Al! No crowds pushing at our elbows! No traffic jam when we leave!!! Just us on Kaybee's pontoon boat right there at the lake's edge.

We first had a picnic... no fuss... contributions from all... then a boat ride...Geo blabbling with us... Al and Girly with their special secrets, looking at us older ones like we're a little "out of it." Girly doing donuts with the pontoon... Grampa convincing her parents to let her "let 'er rip" and we got to see how fast the boat goes! Gramps and OttO doing their photo thing during the fireworks! What fun... some fun pics too! Will probably post a couple on my grumblin' granni site. Not only that... gramps and OttO shot more beautiful sunsets! ...more wonderful days to remember...

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