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Things are going pretty well... most of the time. Just posted a new pic on sherle's photos. You might want to check it out. Was gonna use this one but well, Theme Thursday had a circular theme, so...
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Happy Thanksgiving Day...

...loving family
...good health
...comfortable home
Dear God, for these things and so much more, Iam


First Snowfall!!!

Started snowing when I went to PT today... 2:00 pm..... and figured it really wouldn't stay on the ground! Well, think again. It's still here and the weather guy says it's still snowing... but doesn't look like much here anyway.

Most of dinner is ready for tomorrow. Will put the big bird in the oven around 9:00 am. The pies are done, I think. Windy's bringing two pumpkin pies; Lisa's baking her famous apple pie; Patti volunteered cherry; Otto is bringing her world-famous Ambrosia! YUM!!! The Bug is too far away... hope you girls are having a fine meal without us Jan & Susan! Pam will be cooking her own dinner tomorrow... Nicky has a job and has to work, and her dad has to work Friday, so it's easier for them to stay home. We will be thinking of you and will have you with us in spirit and our prayers! The rest of you, please drive safely. Hope the snow quits by tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
Bemember this guy, Otto?


Meals on Wheels

So you think you know all about Meals on Wheels eh? Well think again! Check out this website and see what our friend Larry did on his summer vacation. Larry, I'm still looking forward to seeing the photos you took. What are you planning for an encore?


One day closer...

...to recovery! Tonight I am It was really a full day. When I woke up today my leg seemed to be so much better than yesterday! The weather was but I wasn't!!! Decided to wait until time to leave for physical therapy before taking my pain pills... the only ones I took today. By Jove, I think I've got it!

PT was tough but nothing I couldn't handle. Besides lengthening and strengthening exercises I bench pressed twenty pounds with my legs for ten minutes! Exhilerating. You would think I would be worn out but walked out feeling refreshed.

Frank is becoming quite domestic... today he cooked shrimp stirfry. He is learning how to cook a whole meal and serve it all at the same time... learning all my secrets. This further encourages me to get the second total knee replacement asap... maybe as early as February.

Today I removed the rest of the tape covering my wound after the staples were removed last week. Looking good, feeling good, lots of sun and outdoors recreation next summer and we should hardly be able to see the scars! I'll be darned... I think I'm going to bed tonight!


AmyLou Mae makes me happy....

just click it!
Everybody thinks I'm always cheerul and tough. Could it be because I don't tend to blog when I'm unhappy? Today I am Why? My knee doesn't really hurt but it doesn't feel good. I'm getting very tired of wearing these stretchy socks and am supposed to wear them for three months!!! I take them off at night when I go to bed and put them on in the morning... every day! It is more difficult to do the prescribed exercises while wearing them.

My immediate job: lengthen ligaments and strengthen muscles. This is done by exercizing twice a day. Three days a week I do this with a Physical Therapist... I like to refer to as my personal trainer. He is excellent. He is tough on me. This is good. Yesterday I exercised in the morning with my 'home grown therapist' and in the afternoon with my PT.

Today we're doing laundry. The weather is gloomy. It makes the house feel gloomy. I really enjoy being cared for by my husband but sometimes I try to do some things myself. When I do I get tired. I'm backing off on my pain medicine which includes codeine. My leg doesn't really hurt, it's more like an ache. Since that drug can be an 'upper' if you don't really need it, could that be part of the reason I'm feeling not so great? Hmmm! It will pass.
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It's Veteran's Day....

Today honors U. S. veterans of the military... God bless you! I know and knew many veterans personally and respect one and all... beginning with Uncle Art, Army, who was in WWI, my dad, Tony, Army in WWII, brother Don in Marine Corps 1950's, daughter Jan - Marine Corps early 1980, and OttO's stepson, Miguel, who served in Iraq prior to honorable discharge last year.

What a day to have my staples removed, eh? Yes I have 'better' photos including my talented and handsome surgeon and many pics of 'the wound.' Decided this photo of my x-rays was a good compromise.

My left knee - middle & right... before & after...... ta dah!!!!! Bionic Woman! First photo was taken in a standing, weight-bearing position. The new knee was photographed lying down. Even in recovery stages the new knee feels better than it did prior to surgery. Look at those two together... Just wanted you to see why I will have the right knee done in February (unless I heal so fast I can go sooner).
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Bubba on the Job

Bubba on guard, as usual!!! Here he crouches behind the flowers and big kitty... making sure they all remain safe! Kevvy-luv, number one son-in-law and close to my heart even though you're a Democrat, Thank You for recommending the kitty repellent!!! 'Tis a wunnerful thing..... and don't worry darlin' I'll be posting some mighty fine stuff for your response very very soon! When I do you'll read about it here first. Love to all... friends, family, lovers and even most 'foes.'


Ol' brawd update...

View from the top... I arrived home Thursday afternoon... Friday we followed regimen of exercise. People time filled the rest of the day... my friend Mary made an icepack for me & brought it over. Today I discovered the repaired leg is twice as big as the 'normal' one!!! I also have ice packs from Pam last Christmas. After checking with doctor, am currently using one, freezing one on a regular basis! Mary you were right again... and that extra length really makes a difference!!!

to make a short story longer... ;-) more is sometimes better and I guarantee... these legs are pretty long when wanting to ice the whole blamed thing down!

Flowers, cards, books 'n stuff are extra special when you're keeping your legs elevated.

...My friends'r behind me?!! ahhhhhhhhhh!

Ewwwwww! Did you say I'm BLUSHING too?
No, I'm NOT lookin' for sympathy!
Yeah I know lots of people have had this done...
..but it IS the first time for ME!
Ya really wanna see these goofy pix up closer?
You know what to do... click'em!!!!

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