Ol' brawd update...

View from the top... I arrived home Thursday afternoon... Friday we followed regimen of exercise. People time filled the rest of the day... my friend Mary made an icepack for me & brought it over. Today I discovered the repaired leg is twice as big as the 'normal' one!!! I also have ice packs from Pam last Christmas. After checking with doctor, am currently using one, freezing one on a regular basis! Mary you were right again... and that extra length really makes a difference!!!

to make a short story longer... ;-) more is sometimes better and I guarantee... these legs are pretty long when wanting to ice the whole blamed thing down!

Flowers, cards, books 'n stuff are extra special when you're keeping your legs elevated.

...My friends'r behind me?!! ahhhhhhhhhh!

Ewwwwww! Did you say I'm BLUSHING too?
No, I'm NOT lookin' for sympathy!
Yeah I know lots of people have had this done...
..but it IS the first time for ME!
Ya really wanna see these goofy pix up closer?
You know what to do... click'em!!!!

Glad to see you back.hurry up and say something inflamatory so I can comment
oh kaybee baby! You can be SO cruel! ;-( boohooooo! When I'm back in total fine form you shall hear mucho my darlin'!!!It really IS tough to be in fine mental form under these conditions. This swelling thing scared the h*** out of me!
So this is normal; the swelling? I just talked to you on the phone an hour or so ago so I know all is well.....and I'm so glad! Keep taking care of yourself, Mom! =)
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