Today was warm.... the weather reached a high of 45 degrees fahrenheit! Whoopee! The snow is melting. We will have a flood in our back yard. So much snow melting so fast, flowing down to the river from all the drainage ditches..... then this happening upstream as well. It will happen. How did we celebrate the warm weather? We went out and bought some goldfish!

see Goober big as life!

Goober stuck his head in the bowl...
see the fishies bigger than life!..but overall the cats weren't overly excited about the fish. We did get lots of good photos anyway! It was worth the 15 cents apiece we paid for a dozen goldfish, eh? Click on the fishies to see how cute they are. No we haven't named them yet. We had to bury one already because it was trying to go belly up when we got it home. The gal threw in a couple of extras anyway, so we still ended up with a baker's dozen.


Well i got myself involved again. I guess ya just can't take me anywhere! Last night i was at a meeting... just to support my husband in his community effort..... and today i'm in the Saginaw News!

Not only that but... I know. I promised i wouldn't do it. I have another website. Well it's a blog, but i'm hoping for it to grow into a bit of a community speaks out sort of thing. Not sure i can do it. Where i live, it seems like everybody has the attitude... 'let somebody else do it.' Well, we shall see. Maybe my little town isn't ready for this yet. Hmmmmmm! Maybe i'll just get bored and forget about it. ? Yeah! Right!!!


Got this in email Saturday!!!
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 04:51:28 -0500
From: projects@sh1ft.org Subject: sh1ft.org project news : A Day In The Life : The Leap Day

((((((( sh1ft.org project news : A Day In The Life : The Leap Day )))))))

New project for Sunday February 29 2004.


Up to the challenge? I am! ;-)


For one thing... my answer to RQRD today has a message so i'm answering it here where i expect more readership.

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, February 19
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." ~ Albert Einstein

Easy for HIM to say! My opinion? Neither is good without the other... he just didn't know that. After all, he was considered a 'slow learner' in school!

For another thing, I had a 'plan' for today... what i would do between laundry loads... but got distracted. The Photo Friday challenge is 'Orange' and i had one... count them..... 1... idea! Well hey! Ya know i was a mommy in the '60's... (well i'm still a mommi, but was way back then too) and started remembering all kinds of orange items i just couldn't discard!!! So guess what? I filled the card on my camera for the first time ever! That equates to 256 megabytes and approximately 325 photos! Not all orange of course, Two-thirds of them were concert photos. 'Just call me Frank!' Of course they're not all wonderful pics but with no cost for film... i shoot a lot more and result in getting lots more really great shots too! I delete the worst... save the best to a gallery..... and just plain save the rest! I just LOVE digital photography!

Oh yeah... i keep forgetting the laundry! Gotta go take a load out now.


Where have i been!!???! ...not blogging, that's for sure! I spent the weekend converting my Puffin Friendship Wall to a MS FrontPage website. I ran into a few pitfalls because i don't use FrontPage often and i messed up on a couple of things... but by Jove, i think i've gawt it now! FP is actually a great tool and i will be using it much more often now.

We attended a symphony orchestra concert yesterday... Geoff, our second grandson, a French Horn player and a music major at CMU, was our motivation of course. Beautiful music... and beautiful surroundings! Check out sherle's photos for a picture of the amazingly lovely acoustical ceiling in this impressive music building's concert hall. I contributed it as a late entry to PhotoFriday... a photo meme that's been around much longer than my little ol' PhotoTime.

OttO's Monday Madness continues to be a challenge to the old noggin! If you haven't done it yet, check it out today! Love her challenges! Today i answered them over at my Stuff.... then went about looking at some others. I left a couple of smart-aleck answers; one at the Bug's blog and the other at Sharba's. FYI, Sharba and Bug, yore ol' mommi kin still larn a bit of nolledge!!! I dun went'n answered m'own questions that i left ya's! Here's whut i found at the ditchonary on the 'puter...

nar·whal also nar·wal
An Arctic whale (Monodon monoceros) that has a spotted pelt and is characterized in the male by a long spirally twisted ivory tusk projecting from the left side of its head. (Sharba, you spelled this one right... it's the second choice here.)

A domesticated ox (Bos indicus) of Asia and eastern Africa, having a prominent hump on the back and a large dewlap. (Bug, i should'a known! I cheated on my answers!)


PhotoTime Tuesday..... Patriotic Colors

click it

My very own Cabbage Patch Kid...

displays colors of the U.S. proudly for the 1996 Olympic games! Yeah, you're right. I was just a kid back then. Click on the kid for another pose.


Good morning! First a note of warning... for those adventurous souls who indiscriminately use all that wonderful free java script out there on the great big WWW! Most of these scripts are created by talented honest people who voluntarily share their talent with those of us who are slightly javascript-challenged. My friend and daughter, OttO however, recently ran into a situation that disturbed her.

She has an ad-blocker on her computer. She has her own personal domain, supposedly ad-free. She was getting pup-unders on one of her most popular websites... her blinkie page. Yesterday i was discussing this phenomenon with my friend and daughter, Foggy, who just happens to be very analytical when it comes to webs, web design and computers in general. It's her education and her profession. We were reading her 'source' while discussing it on the phone and Foggy noticed her counter, which wasn't showing at the moment by the way, was from a website called Veroweb! She suggested they might be planting code in with the free code... putting the popups there.

I surfed over to the Veroweb website. Looks quite profession. Started reading it ... looking for clues. Some ot the wording caught my attention... something about 'putting advertising on your site' like it was a desirable thing!!! The grammar was a little less than professional as well. These clues suggested to me that Foggy was right! I phoned Otto. Otto took the script out of her blinkie website. Wow! Otto is grateful, Foggy was right... no more ads!

Moral of this story is... Don't be afraid to use all that wonderful free stuff available to us out there but be cautious too! Look for clues like the ones i found. Most of those websites are maintained by people just like you and me... just loving to share their info. There are a few however who are mischievous, so be careful.

Now if we can find the reason for her other problem, her internet life would be perfect! Strange things are happening with her graphics. Stop by at OttoSite and see what i mean. Maybe you could help her out. By the way, Foggy's Puffin Friendship Wall is up... she had it pretty much done once but her chosen website space at that time had a limit.... not on size of space used for pictures but number of pictures! She solved that problem... joined those of us with our own domain and now she's 'off and running!'

On another totally different matter, another friend and daughter..... the Bug..... blogged a lovely tribute to her mom and dad (that would be Frank and me). This was in response to the latest kidnapping and murder of a child.


Just saw Otto's new bunny graphic! It's adorable. She actually didn't know i had this one ready to share... and i didn't know about hers!

This little fellow had to come up a full flight of stairs for a bit of dinner!

We've had bunny families living in our yard for years but this is the first year i've ever seen one so hungry it had to hop up onto our deck and visit the bird feeder for a meal. No, bunny didn't knock down the feeder... that was Mr. Squirrel's job! You've already seen him at our feeders, but did you know a bunny can be aggressive?

I was watching bunny eat and the squirrel attempted to get near the food source. Bunny actually marched aggressively toward squirrel and squirrel backed off! This happened several times before squirrel decided to come back later. Bunny is back today! The cats, of course, are fascinated!


Just got done playing on the internet... no, not a game. For those who don't know, around my house i pretty much ignore the tv but the spouse insists on having it turned on every waking moment... background noise i guess. Whenever he gets tired of the Fox News network, he goes over to Tech TV... you know the one, with Leo and the gang. Once in awhile a word jumps out of the background and i listen up... this time it was Cat on 'Call for Help' where i heard her talking about a little online diversion called the Tilemaker.

Tilemaker is a little flash five thingy where you can make these tiny little tiles, which they also put together for you to save as a background if you wish. Okay, so i doodled away a good share of my morning there. Here's the first one i made... It occurred to me that i had put lots of detail effort into that tiny thing, so tried again. My second effort... told me that the control i have when drawing with pencil was totally lacking using the computer, so i decided to be more rigid and came up with this flag... , which would look like this as a background! Pretty wild, eh? As a background .. i don't know about you but it would drive me nuts!

On a totally different note..... do you remember i mentioned my husband taking over as webmaster for the computer club? Well, i finally got the scoop straight. It had all that 'extra' stuff because the web was originally created in MS FrontPage and i do most of my webstuff 'straight up' in HTML with sometimes a little borrowed javascript. We decided it would be easier for hubby... a neophyte to web building... if i got the thing back into FrontPage. With a good frontend like that he can see what he's doing as he does it! Once i started it was a piece 'o cake. My biggest 'hump' to jump over was getting it back to FrontPage's CSS format. After a couple of futile attempts i found all i had to do was cut and paste a bit and voila!!!! There it was. The SVCA website is now officially not my problem! I can sit back, give occasional answers and guidance and not have to worry about the thing overwhelming him. Aren't i a sweet wifey??? Say yes!!!

About my February 2 entry here... yes i originally promised to write all about it. People directly involved requested me to not do that so i am honoring their request. Enough said that the innocent was proved innocent and all is well.


There IS justice!!! For all of you who need to know, it was a tense day but it's finally over!


Wow!... i didn't realize i've seen so much of our beautiful country!

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

I first discovered this little gem while stopping by to congratulate 2flower on being added to the Blogroll for Bush list! Thanks, 2flower! Gee i suppose i should thank the big company i retired from too... that's who paid for my travel expenses to some of those states.

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