Just saw Otto's new bunny graphic! It's adorable. She actually didn't know i had this one ready to share... and i didn't know about hers!

This little fellow had to come up a full flight of stairs for a bit of dinner!

We've had bunny families living in our yard for years but this is the first year i've ever seen one so hungry it had to hop up onto our deck and visit the bird feeder for a meal. No, bunny didn't knock down the feeder... that was Mr. Squirrel's job! You've already seen him at our feeders, but did you know a bunny can be aggressive?

I was watching bunny eat and the squirrel attempted to get near the food source. Bunny actually marched aggressively toward squirrel and squirrel backed off! This happened several times before squirrel decided to come back later. Bunny is back today! The cats, of course, are fascinated!

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