Okey dokey guys... got a new little gallery. Yeah I know I promised you more Ralphy pics, Sharba but then I got distracted!

Click itRemember the Bay City State Park? Remember beaches... people..... picnics? Well kids, you won't believe your eyes! I couldn't! This is why I feel obligated to warn everybody. Every time the environmental wackos win one, all of us ordinary, everyday, god-lovin', picnic goin', campers and just those of us who like going to the beach for a day... yes all of us..... lose one! Would you believe... there was not a sound in that park that we did not make... no birds, not even gulls! The nutcases have created a vast wasteland of nothing where the beach once thrived with life! Just pray they do not do that to our backyards! Don't believe me? Click the beach logo... yup! That picture IS the beach!


Been really busy lately! Sharba & Kevvy visited us at the lake last weekend. We had a very enjoyable visit. Would love to do it more often.

Been blogging a lot in Tittabawassee River Voice. It's almost beginning to sound political but I guess the facts are it is largely a political matter anyway, so there you are!

PhotoTime Tuesday is doing great! This week's theme is Shadows... and we have all kinds of interpretations.

Here are my answers for Monday Madness... (hey, it's only Wednesday!)
1. Do you prefer to be out in the sun or in the shade?Shade... when I freckle it just looks like my skin is dirty.
2. Regarding the walls in your house, do you prefer neutral colors or bright colors?I tried colors... remember? Now I prefer neutral (except when they are natural - like my brick walls in the living and dining areas.
3. When hanging pictures on your walls, do you like things symmetric or asymmetric?symmetrically asymmetric!!! ;-)
4. How about where you'd like to live; country or city?country!
5. Your blog; Blogger, Blogdrive, Blog-City, or another one altogether?Blogger
6. Email; Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or other?Yahoo, Gmail, Charter (my cable company)
7. Air conditioning or just a fan when it's hot at night?Definitely AC
8. Dinner; seafood or steak? Seafood is my all time fave!
9. Your all-time favorite music media; CD's, cassette tapes, or vinyl (or 8-tracks)?CD's
10. When learning a new software program, do you find it easier to follow a book or an online tutorial?I guess I kind of learn by doing instead of using either, but when necessary I prefer online to a book!


Martha Talks  and if you are interested, here's where you can read all about her trial. You can send her an email and tell her how you feel about her and the whole mess! I'm really NOT your average 'Martha Stewart fan' - Not only do I greatly admire her entrepreneurship, I have seen her on Letterman's show and admire the way she just sort of walks onto the stage wearing comfy jeans and a baggy shirt.  I also watched her the day she opened the stock market when her company went public. She is the kind of woman I genuinely like AND admire!

I realize the judge sentenced her in a manner consistent with 'the law' but what does that say about the law? It was written by lawyers, right? What has been done can be undone and that is especially true in the case of some of our laws.


Monday Madness

1. I like my job. True. I LOVE it!!! (what is it?... I'm retired.)
2. I find time to 'smell the flowers' so to speak. True!
3. I have no problem thinking of things to write about in my blog. Mostly true... lately not enough time for my personal blog.
4. 'Organization' is my middle name! True, but the organization is mostly in my head.
5. If 'Plan A' doesn't work, there's always a 'Plan B.' True
6. I adjust easily to new surroundings. True... most of the time.
7. I'd rather work 'behind the scenes' than 'in the spotlight.' ...a big FALSE!!! I'm at my best when I'm in charge.
8. I'm happy where I am, at this point in my life. True!!! True!!! True!!!!!
9. I can wake up in the morning without an alarm clock. True
10. I can function pretty well on less than 8 hours of sleep. False


Just posted a couple of photos at my sherle's photos blog! If you haven't been there lately, stop by and see what I've been seeing lately. I've also been busy updating Tittabawassee River Voice. For some time I've been wanting to organize the various links I've added there; I just put them on a separate page for simplicity's sake. Just for fun I added a few of the graphics I've been messing around with - down the column where the links formerly were.

Sharba phoned me yesterday and we had a nice little visit. She hasn't been blogging lately because her computer won't let her but she has her hubby and her daddy on the case. Meanwhile, I left a brief message on her blog to let her visitors know why she isn't blogging. If you haven't been there, stop by and say hello. She will be surprised when she gets back up and running!

We've been busy playing in the sand at our little cottage on the lake. It seems there was a heavy rainfall a few weeks ago that created craters where we don't want them. We've been 'busting butt' filling holes and planting stuff to hold the sandy soil down... not entirely a chore because we like playing in the dirt. Could show you pictures but would rather wait until things grow a bit!


Monday Madness
This week we're going to try some more 'fill-in-the-blanks' questions.....

1. I usually have my house cleaned on a Saturday, about once a month. In between times I do daily maintenance and dust mop when I start seeing too much Bubba-fuzz on the floor.
2. My favorite Sunday night program to watch on television is "Six Feet Under."
3. Monday morning I usually wake up thinking, "I enjoyed the lake but it's nice to be home."
4. To wind down at the end of a busy day, I like to play Spider on the computer.
5. I try not to call anyone on the phone until after 8:00 a.m.
6. And I NEVER call anyone after 11:30 p.m.
7. I don't have to get up to go to work or school because I'm retired and I sleep in until no later than 8:00 a.m.
8. I have 3 telephones in my house...one upstairs and one downstairs and one is a cellphone.
9. I usually answer the phone on the third ring or sooner because on the fourth ring the machine clicks in.
10. When I know I should be sleeping, but am having a hard time falling asleep, I usually read in bed.


...and just for fun, something I found while visiting photo blogs that met the PhotoTime Tuesday theme of the week.

A to Z Questions (stolen from Samantha)

Act your age?: How old am I?
Born on what day of the week?: Dunno
Chore you hate?: Dishes and having to decide what's for dinner EVERY day!.
Dad's name?: Frederick (real dad) and Tony (most of my life dad).
Essential makeup item?: creamy makeup with sunscreen.
Favorite actor(s)?: of all time... Bette Davis.
Gold or silver?: Gold.
Hometown?: I was born in Midland, Michigan.
Instruments you play?: Vocal cords... alto..... and only when there's a good strong alto or tenor near me while we sing.
Job title?: retired but new job is anti-activist activist.
Kids?: 6 daughters - all grown up.
Living arrangements? : Got a husband and 5 cats.
Mum's name?: Myrtle.
Need?: money, honey!!!
Overnight hospital stays?: Six - 5 to give birth (includes twins) and 1 was a horrible reaction to fen-phen.
Phobias?: Don't want to think of anything bad happening because then it might.
Quote you like ? : "Give your children these two things. One is roots, the other, wings." ...anonymous
Religious affiliation?: God loves us.
Siblings: 4 sisters and 1 brother - all younger than me and one of the sisters is my second dad's daughter.
Time you wake up?: between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. usually.
Unique talent?: Writing, drawing, explaining so-called complicated things in simple precise manner.
Vegetable you refuse to eat?: Maybe okra....
Worst habit? : I eat too much.
X-rays you've had?: chest, mouth, knees, leg, back.
Yummy food you make?: lowfat low calorie key lime "pie".
Zoo animal you like?: I enjoy watching the penguins at our zoo.

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