Monday Madness
This week we're going to try some more 'fill-in-the-blanks' questions.....

1. I usually have my house cleaned on a Saturday, about once a month. In between times I do daily maintenance and dust mop when I start seeing too much Bubba-fuzz on the floor.
2. My favorite Sunday night program to watch on television is "Six Feet Under."
3. Monday morning I usually wake up thinking, "I enjoyed the lake but it's nice to be home."
4. To wind down at the end of a busy day, I like to play Spider on the computer.
5. I try not to call anyone on the phone until after 8:00 a.m.
6. And I NEVER call anyone after 11:30 p.m.
7. I don't have to get up to go to work or school because I'm retired and I sleep in until no later than 8:00 a.m.
8. I have 3 telephones in my house...one upstairs and one downstairs and one is a cellphone.
9. I usually answer the phone on the third ring or sooner because on the fourth ring the machine clicks in.
10. When I know I should be sleeping, but am having a hard time falling asleep, I usually read in bed.


...and just for fun, something I found while visiting photo blogs that met the PhotoTime Tuesday theme of the week.

A to Z Questions (stolen from Samantha)

Act your age?: How old am I?
Born on what day of the week?: Dunno
Chore you hate?: Dishes and having to decide what's for dinner EVERY day!.
Dad's name?: Frederick (real dad) and Tony (most of my life dad).
Essential makeup item?: creamy makeup with sunscreen.
Favorite actor(s)?: of all time... Bette Davis.
Gold or silver?: Gold.
Hometown?: I was born in Midland, Michigan.
Instruments you play?: Vocal cords... alto..... and only when there's a good strong alto or tenor near me while we sing.
Job title?: retired but new job is anti-activist activist.
Kids?: 6 daughters - all grown up.
Living arrangements? : Got a husband and 5 cats.
Mum's name?: Myrtle.
Need?: money, honey!!!
Overnight hospital stays?: Six - 5 to give birth (includes twins) and 1 was a horrible reaction to fen-phen.
Phobias?: Don't want to think of anything bad happening because then it might.
Quote you like ? : "Give your children these two things. One is roots, the other, wings." ...anonymous
Religious affiliation?: God loves us.
Siblings: 4 sisters and 1 brother - all younger than me and one of the sisters is my second dad's daughter.
Time you wake up?: between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. usually.
Unique talent?: Writing, drawing, explaining so-called complicated things in simple precise manner.
Vegetable you refuse to eat?: Maybe okra....
Worst habit? : I eat too much.
X-rays you've had?: chest, mouth, knees, leg, back.
Yummy food you make?: lowfat low calorie key lime "pie".
Zoo animal you like?: I enjoy watching the penguins at our zoo.

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