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All is well! ...and i'm approved! It really was just a formality... will be seeing her Wednesday morning. Wish me luck!

What element am I? Windy, you're not gonna believe this one! I KNOW i told you you were all "virgin births" but really! We didn't even think about human cloning back then!

About the doctor thing.... El spouso took my blood pressure this morning. It's pretty high! No wonder i always feel like i'm spinning... it's not vertigo!... it's not that i'm just a dizzy broad!... it's too much blood running up into my head - or not enough - something! Called his doctor's office. and that's "on hold" so to speak. Although it's "just a formality", i have to "be approved" as a patient. They'll let me know in 3-5 business days. What do i do in the meantime? New excuse to "take it easy." Now i'm worried!


It's been that long since i blogged? Am i getting lazy or what?!??!! Okay, so i've been just a tad "under the weather" as they say... matter of fact i was literally, not just figuratively as my usual self is, DIZZY much of the past week. Vertigo? perhaps... so a couple of wonderful daughters strongly suggest from all symptoms. My first reaction to the dizziness?... i took it as a reminder that i'm not really 39 anymore... since my "baby" passed that magic number, i think i've even been feeling the difference myself ;-) What's my problem? Why didn't i call my doctor? Am i crazy as well as dizzy?

Here's the scoop... I had the perfect doctor... intelligent, practical, realistic, apparently caring, young and female, so why do i say had? Her lousy staffy - that's why... not all of them but most. My last visit last summer... Doctor was concerned about my blood pressure getting near the top of "normal" - thought it might has something to do with the type of pain pills (naproxin) i was taking for pains in my knee. So i stopped taking that med for a week and went in to have her personally take my blood pressure and guess what!!!!?! Stupid Girl of the Day skipped right past my sign-in and called everybody else in the room first! At first you wonder if maybe they were probably really ahead of you, but then after an hour! you decide to check... and find out they weren't ... confront her... get a lame answer... blood pressure by then is SKY HIGH... let her know it and walk out! No sense in wasting doctor's time today! ;-(

If that had been the first error on the part of her Office Queens i'd have understood and gone back. It wasn't. Every year for the past several years they consistently put wrong codes on work going out to Quest Diagnostics... a lab not known for being "kind" to we "over-39ers" anyway... It usually takes 6-8 months to get Quest straightened out and the bill paid by insurance and not li'l ol' me... and we start over again. There've been other reasons but these are the worst ones.

Okay, bottomline... gonna bite the bullet... call el spouso's doctor tomorrow and try to get into her office. I have no idea about her overall except that she's taken pretty good care of him since he had to find a new "family" physician... because his specialists won't do it all. I also know that her staff does NOT screw up on his paperwork! Perhaps they don't even use Quest Diagnostics... that would be a plus! Anyway... tomorrow ;-)


Congratulations Windy! I see you were accepted into the Blogs by Women! Did ya notice the TagBoard is back! Page is getting kind of full... but jeepers! Just can't help myself i guess ;-)

Free Board Explanation For those who haven't deleted your tagboards... read this! I'll be putting mine back up - just watching for the return on My Stuff !

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa! What can i say? Quick to criticize, better be quick to apologize, right? TagBoard is good!!! In the last 24 hours i've tried several others... none suit me! Pretty picky for somebody that expects all the good stuff for free, huh? Well this is the internet after all. I'm sharing all my wonderful words of wisdom, good advice and criticisms for free, aren't i? What'cha gonna do? Gotta love me, right?


Did you notice? The TagBoard is down... but only if you are a "free" member! Shades of my childhood! I remember when i was young - hard to believe, huh? But anyway... apparently marijuana was beginning to be introduced into our society way back in the late 50's even though i personally knew nobody who used it or knew how to get it! How times have changed. Anyway... back then the nuns at my school always told us that the drug dealers would start you out by giving you some pot for free... then as you begin to want or need it more... they would sell it to you. Then... the more you need it the more they will charge you! That's all besides becoming addicted in the first place! Thank God I never tried it because I know I'm an addictive personality... took me the "patch" and lots of encouragement and a strong will to quit smoking! What's that got to do with TagBoard?

Oh yeah... got off the track, didn't i? Well i notice TagBoard and a lot of other "free" stuff on the internet is becoming increasingly "too busy" for us freeloaders! Don't you suppose that was their tactic in the first place? Get us hooked... then charge us! Of course! It's happening all over the place. Well, i for one will not fall for it! I think i'll delete it and find another source... or for that matter... who really needs it anyway? Also, if i'm gonna pay, it'll be for somebody that didn't use the "drug dealer" tactics to catch me first! But that's me!

TagBoard has it's benefits... one of them being that your reader can give you an immediate response to the latest entry. I like that.. and know there are many other sources out there... just takes a little fishing to find them. Anyway... yesterday i grumbled about Blogs by Women not accepting me as a member! Well, duh! me! i thought i read the lengthy requirements but guess i missed one. Thanks Windy, for taking the time to check them out and telling me about it. I feel better about it now! Windy says in her email to me...

"I read your blog about not getting accepted into "The Blogs for Women" web ring. I then went to check out getting accepted and found the following reason as to why you might not have been.
If your site has embedded music of any kind with no way to turn it off, we will delete your site, no questions asked.
This quote was taken from their page of requirement. If there is a way you could put a button on to turn on or off the music, I'm sure your "granni" site would be accepted!"

Gonna look for some javascript for the on/off option with music on the website. I LIKE "I Am Woman" and had it here long before i ever heard of the Blogs by Women group. Well, maybe i could take it off, get into the group, then add it? Anyway... where's there's a will there's a way! Again, Thank you Windy!


Okay today i'm here to grumble!!! Last week i signed up for "listing" in Blogs by Women. I did everything right - like they explain in their very le-e-e-e-ngthy "Terms" and told a friend of mine about it. My friend signed up... and guess what!???! She was accepted! I wasn't.... I guess they don't like granni's huh? Anyway... today i went to another ring and got caught up in some pop ads from hell! There were only 2 or 3 but everytime i turned off one the other came back... and i had to go off line to get rid of it!!! I hate when that happens.Blogs by Women is still pretty cool, so i still recommend it! Got most of my Christmas tree undecorated yesterday... (had to compute, don't you know?) and so finally it's beginning to not look like Christmas anymore finally!

Need a little inspiration? Here's a little Food for Thought from a really really good friend of mine! She's artistically talented too... created the graphics from her own photography! Enjoy!


Those brilliant grandkids again! We watched Alex cheerleading yesterday! She's as good at cheerleading as she is in getting great grades! Nicole sent me an email with her midterm grades - she's right up there in the top of her class again this semester... with an A average! David just came in second in a spelling bee at his school... second is especially good when you're in the third grade and the bee included third and fourth graders! The fourth grader who won first place just happens to be his best friend so that says something about his intelligence, too... doesn't it? Hooooooooray! Good job, kids! ;-) Makes me even gladder that I gave birth to your mothers.


I've had it up to here (my neck) with dumb people! I read a blog today - liked the sound of her title - not sharing the title here but the sideline said, "..does this blog make my ass look big?" After reading her blog - here are my notes - Dumb broad that's living in a timewarp! a peacenik! march on Washington, et al. Glad i checked! Don't recommend to nobody nohow nowhere! Yes b**** your ass looks big and your head looks about the size of a hatpin!

Been reading blogs, listing some that i think are worth sharing. Found a blog by a woman named Rachel Lucas, recommended by Liam, the guy who writes "Hey Listen!" Rachel's a bit stronger than need be in the pro-gun area, but defends a lot of the principles that i feel strongly about and she condemns the nutcases - among them - the "peacifiers" and the "Bush whackers." I really get tired of hearing our liberal "press" still today refer to Oinker Clinton as "President" while they refer to our President as "Mr." Bush! Disrespect is disgusting! They obviously admire the child molesting morally deprived Clinton more than people with family values. Well, Rachel and Liam are both pro-values and anti-decadence!



Hey Listen! Just read the latest entry by this young college student! I'm sharing with you because i'm encouraged that our own family of young people do not stand alone in love of this beautiful country of ours!


MyStuff Just got the updated version up to SalasCove! Gots lotsa pictures! You must check it out!... especially if you were at the after holiday relaxation - gift sharing - chowdown family fest.

eatonweb portal :: the original weblog directory


Okay folks... it's granni braggin' time again! Our little David is a genius!! His mommi has been worried for some time that he's not being challenged enough in the small parochial school he's currently attending. My personal experience is that most parochial schools are by far ahead of public schools, but i strongly agree with her. Not all parochial schools are equal and this one fits my personal "short list." She was, however, worried about taking him from the Christian school environment into a public school because of all the controversy about public schools today.

She and David had a meeting Friday in which David took some tests to see if he qualifies for classes for exceptional students. Well let me tell you. David definitely qualifies as an exceptional student!!! A score of 12 is considered a High score in these tests. David scored 16 in verbal skills and 19 motor and mechanical skills! If there is an opening, the school is ready to accept him immediately - at beginning of second term. If not now, he'll be going there next year. We're saying "the sooner the better." Way to go, David!!! Your granni and grampa are proud of you!!!


Our daughter went to Hawaii but at least we got some beautiful flowers! Yes Janice, Fed Ex brought us our flowers yesterday! Don't you agree that they are beautiful? ... and the orchids!!! They smell beautiful. I think you told me those are the ones that will dry well. I hope so because it would be kind of difficult to water them. ;-)

Would have gotten these pics up yesterday but we had a computer club meeting last night!


OttO wins! ...a photo that even a geezer geek can live with! OttO is a person of many talents...a person who not only takes great photos but also does miracles with all things graphic! The things done by OttO with a basic blogger template are remarkable. They change with the seasons.

Now what about that geezer geek statement? Got an email from a fellow Blogging Community member who had visited a few granni39 websites; then suggested i should be the "geezer geek poster girl." Has kind of a nice ring to it, don't you think? It's giving me delusions of grandeur - no i didn't already have them!!!!!

Kudos to George, our computer club guy that just started an Adobe PhotoShop SIG! He got more than just me (i'm easily excitable) excited about using Adobe to work with our photos. The man is an artist with his camera and his computer... showed us some really remarkable work he did. He started us with "step one" - using all those tools they show on the left side of your monitor... and believe me George, that was the right place to start. Although George is working with the latest and greatest - PhotoShop 7 - most of us have PhotoShop Essentials 2 - the much less expensive program. That's perfect because there's lots to learn before we grow up and know enough to need the fancy version he has. Can hardly wait for next month! I haven't been this pumped since i started learning about using the internet!


Okay Bubba... mommi's doing this one for you! Click on the kitty way up in the left-hand corner and watch him try to catch your mouse!


Okey dokey smokey! Ya just gotta visit this cute and playful new website! It's name... ladiosa delterra It was obviously put together by somebody who has too much time on her hands!


Memories - savor 'em - save 'em! Creative Memories is a great way to save them! Yesterday... great fun... productive results! Some of us spent the day at Patti's house adding photos to our CM albums! Patti's place has the best room - lighting - and total ambience for working on this hobby... and i personally have to admit that it's more motivating to work with others in a "workshop" atmosphere when i want to get things done! I got seven pages down - just gotta do a little bit of journalling and they're done! Currently working on early 2001 photos... made some really serious events appear rather "playful" in the album. 2001 was the year Frank was going through physical therapy rehab as a result of his triple by-pass heart surgery! Yes, he was healthier for doing it... yes, he even enjoyed it... and yes, we're glad it's over. but 2001?

I've got a whole year to cover in that album... and with his digital camera - he's now creating photos faster than anybody can even sort them out! I spend more time than i'd like to admit just sorting which of his digitals i want to send up to DotPhoto for printing! I glean through the first ones... send them to DotPhoto... then when i'm ready to order prints, i glean through them again! It's the only way i can keep a mean, clean machine of an album! Cheers!

Did you notice? Something happened to one of my pictures! It just disappeared! ... and it was nothing i did, either! scarey, huh? Gotta do something about that!

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