Memories - savor 'em - save 'em! Creative Memories is a great way to save them! Yesterday... great fun... productive results! Some of us spent the day at Patti's house adding photos to our CM albums! Patti's place has the best room - lighting - and total ambience for working on this hobby... and i personally have to admit that it's more motivating to work with others in a "workshop" atmosphere when i want to get things done! I got seven pages down - just gotta do a little bit of journalling and they're done! Currently working on early 2001 photos... made some really serious events appear rather "playful" in the album. 2001 was the year Frank was going through physical therapy rehab as a result of his triple by-pass heart surgery! Yes, he was healthier for doing it... yes, he even enjoyed it... and yes, we're glad it's over. but 2001?

I've got a whole year to cover in that album... and with his digital camera - he's now creating photos faster than anybody can even sort them out! I spend more time than i'd like to admit just sorting which of his digitals i want to send up to DotPhoto for printing! I glean through the first ones... send them to DotPhoto... then when i'm ready to order prints, i glean through them again! It's the only way i can keep a mean, clean machine of an album! Cheers!

Did you notice? Something happened to one of my pictures! It just disappeared! ... and it was nothing i did, either! scarey, huh? Gotta do something about that!

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