Hello grumbleeze fans! Yes, it's me... hopin' you'll be patient during this new experimental phase of this old brawd's bloggin' experience. Likin' what i'm seein' but not seein' everything i'd be likin' to see. Have no idea where that dark greenish color came from on the dropdown menu!


Come to the Bazaar!!! My offspring are right up there at top of "most talented" in this or any other area of the world. For example, one of them not only created the flyer you'll see on my bulletin board, but she's also deeply involved in coordinating the whole event. Visit this event - October 12 - enjoy some good old-fashioned Mexican cooking for lunch and do a little Christmas shopping. I have it on good authority that you can even buy some of those fancy gift jars of soup and cookie mix if you get there early! If you're feeling lucky, buy some raffle tickets. Ss. Simon and Jude always has an abundance of great prizes! Click the above URL to find out all about it. See you there!

...been experimenting lately, perhaps I've been avoiding something? Not sure I like what I'm seeing here, but the message area grew increasingly narrower with the addition of increasingly wider pictures to the side areas.

... a word about "sticker shock." Who'da thunk it would expand to something so necessary as eye care? Had the old eyeballs checked out a couple of weeks back and found out it was time for new glasses so, naturally, I went into the ordering part of our doctor's office. Ouch! As the chicky showed me a nice looking frame, similar to what I was wearing, I asked her the price. $250 - but that doesn't include any additions, like bifocals and because my prescription is so strong - some sort of special light-weight plastic lens. Because I didn't want trifocals (I'm dizzy enough without that problem), the doc recommended another set of computer glasses - one strength to look at the computer and the bifocal for looking down at the keys. Then of course I'd need sunglasses! Add it up; that would be about $750 just for the frames! Adding prescribed corrections and other stuff would perhaps bring it up another $300 or so.... no, of course our insurance doesn't include eye care!

Having worn contact lenses during my "working years," decided to pursue this path. Wow! What a difference. When I used contacts the first time, they were the luxury item... how times have changed! After the doctor's fees, my contacts - disposable every three months - came to $11 per lens for a whopping $88 per year! This wonderful doctor wrote down the strength of glasses I would need for reading and for my computer and off I went to the local Meijer's pharmacy and purchased three pairs of glasses. My sunglasses are Foster-Grants! Along with a couple of "old lady" straps to wear my specs like a necklace, the whole bill came to a little over $50! Okay, do the math. $1000 minus what? figure high - $200 equals $800 saved. Hmmmmmm.... wonder what I should buy with my savings!


Look Out World! Granny's Got a Computer! Okay kiddies... y'all just gotta git yersev's over to this here special tribute to us granni's everywhere!


An article about dropdown menus and other javascript....


Been thinking about this for a long time... here it is, my very own September 11, 2001 Retrospective


A big beautiful $195 million dollar cathedral! Built beneath it, a 6,000 space mausoleum, a gift shop, restaurant, conference center and 600-car parking lot! Does this not inspire your belief in God? Does this cause you to give Him praise? In a city striven with poverty and crime, in a religious organization where the poorest of the poor are expected to "give your fair share" to the church, in a church where many of the leaders and role models have become child molesters and liars, just what we needed - a great big man-made edifice to glorify the people who run that organization. Didn't Jesus chase the money-changers out of the temple?

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