...been experimenting lately, perhaps I've been avoiding something? Not sure I like what I'm seeing here, but the message area grew increasingly narrower with the addition of increasingly wider pictures to the side areas.

... a word about "sticker shock." Who'da thunk it would expand to something so necessary as eye care? Had the old eyeballs checked out a couple of weeks back and found out it was time for new glasses so, naturally, I went into the ordering part of our doctor's office. Ouch! As the chicky showed me a nice looking frame, similar to what I was wearing, I asked her the price. $250 - but that doesn't include any additions, like bifocals and because my prescription is so strong - some sort of special light-weight plastic lens. Because I didn't want trifocals (I'm dizzy enough without that problem), the doc recommended another set of computer glasses - one strength to look at the computer and the bifocal for looking down at the keys. Then of course I'd need sunglasses! Add it up; that would be about $750 just for the frames! Adding prescribed corrections and other stuff would perhaps bring it up another $300 or so.... no, of course our insurance doesn't include eye care!

Having worn contact lenses during my "working years," decided to pursue this path. Wow! What a difference. When I used contacts the first time, they were the luxury item... how times have changed! After the doctor's fees, my contacts - disposable every three months - came to $11 per lens for a whopping $88 per year! This wonderful doctor wrote down the strength of glasses I would need for reading and for my computer and off I went to the local Meijer's pharmacy and purchased three pairs of glasses. My sunglasses are Foster-Grants! Along with a couple of "old lady" straps to wear my specs like a necklace, the whole bill came to a little over $50! Okay, do the math. $1000 minus what? figure high - $200 equals $800 saved. Hmmmmmm.... wonder what I should buy with my savings!

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