Happy Halloween
Just a little update...Perhaps we should go in with a bag... 'Trick or Treat'???


Today entered another photo at Theme Thursday... where last week i received my first 'rejection letter' from a meme!!! I had submitted a photo of my shadow for the topic 'Picture Yourself.' She took my photo off her website and informed me it had to be a picture of me that i took myself - and not a reflection or shadow!

This week when i submitted my photo - Scarey - i read her rules! I give you the link, above, so you can read them yourself. Then one of my favorite photographers, Will Burnham, a regular at my PhotoTime, submitted two photos he created in 1980 as a newspaper photographer. He broke all of her rules! His pics are still listed on her website. Now that isn't what bothers me.

What bothers me is that the webmaster at Theme Thursday has a double standard. She doesn't even KNOW me! What did she think when she deleted my shadow photo... that she was intimidating a little old lady? Or does she think only men can break 'rules' no matter how stupid the rules are?

Why did i still submit a photo at her site? Because i can. If she wants to continue deleting them, so be it. It takes a pretty small person to bend the rules only when it pleases you. The Theme Thursday theme this week is scarey... and here's my photo. I also invite you to visit the Album i created with the rest of the story.


What's on..... Right now?
What's On your grocery list Right Now?
Actually i just went grocery shopping yesterday so i have really nothing on my grocery list today. I definitely recommend you shop with a list though because I always save money when i write a list. Another thing they say and it is true... don't shop on an empty stomach. That's when you buy all the stuff you wouldn't normally get.

Random Questions; Random Days...
What if you never felt fear? What are some things you might try to do? Would this change your life? How?
If i NEVER felt fear i might not be alive today... or maybe crippled and helpless. I believe a little bit of fear is healthy. Fear of burning your hand stops you from touching a hot stove. Fear of breaking your neck stops you from jumping off a rocky cliff... well, you get the idea.

On the other hand, knowing that you meant fear of things that wouldn't really be harmful to me, i think i would probably go sky diving. I've talked with people who go snorkeling... looking at sunken ships in the Great Lakes. That sounds like fun. But just like there are lots of people who want nothing to do with computers, i would just as soon leave those fun activities to somebody else. ;-)

Overall PowWeb is a wonderful webserver provider!!! As soon as they got to the office somewhere in California the problem was fixed! I still recommend them.

My server is down again! Is that the 'luck o' the Irish' or what? I get my server through PowWeb. Friends have their servers through powweb. They're never down. The reason? Powweb has several servers... and it is my misfortune to have the unreliable one. My first year with PowWeb is up in January. I've requested they change my server. If this 'cannot' happen, i will be forced to change servers. Bummer!


...and now one from Frank! (That would be 'your dad' to some readers!) He seems to like this one website called CD Freaks where you can find all kinds of stuff about CD's and DVD's. I was a bit bamboozled and confoozled about it myself but he read this word of wisdom at one of their forums...

'Every time you idiot-proof something, the world comes along and makes a better idiot.'
.....Captain Nerd from CD Freaks.com forum

Happy Halloween
Have you been to OttO's Halloween Page? If you haven't, go there! She has a little fun trick or treat game and she also recommends some other fun Halloween pages. I also have a little two page Halloween greeting for you. Be prepared. This one is scarey!


Random Questions; Random Days... Saturday, October 25
I noticed on our sidebar one of the suggested topics is to write 100 things about yourself. This may be a bit overwhelming for some, so how about sharing 10 things about yourself. You can share more if you like though!

Okay Windy! Let's see how far i can go!

  1. - 11. interesting facts for What's on...
  2. Hair's almost white in front and brown/salt and pepper in back.

  3. Eyes are dark brown.

  4. Very near-sighted.

  5. Was 5ft 6-1/2in. tall... now about 5ft. 5in.

  6. More overweight than you would expect looking at me.

  7. Addicted to coffee and the internet

  8. Favorite sweet is chocolate anything.

  9. Occasionally crave greasy fried chicken.

  10. I have three sisters and one brother.

  11. My youngest sister was born to my mother and stepfather.

  12. Started working at age 14... retired at age 50.

  13. Favorite flower is daisy.

  14. Favorite animals are cats.

  15. Favorite summer clothes are shorts and a loose t-shirt.

  16. Favorite winter garb is jeans and turtleneck.

  17. Favorite color is pink.

  18. I love my truck... a Ford Ranger.

  19. Dream car is a Lamborgini.

  20. Would love to visit... Mexico.

  21. ... but only after stopping in San Diego CA to visit Jan and Susan.

  22. Favorite author... Stephen King. (i'm very cerebral!)

  23. Favorite TV show - Survivor

  24. I love my husband, my kids and their families.

  25. I love lazy summer days by the lake.

  26. I dislike obsequiousness almost as much as i dislike greed.

I'll be back... i'm kinda gettin' into it! ;-) Good one, Windy!


Been bloggin' like crazy... just not here! You may know i have a photolog and the last couple of days... when not working on my new Puffin Friendship Wall, I've been catching up on the photoblog - trying to keep up with several photo themes.

First came Theme Thursday... and the theme this week is Picture Yourself. The idea? Take a photo of yourself and post it to TT and while you're at it ship one up to Picture Yourself. Okay i did it yesterday. Posted another 'shadow self-portrait' which I think is legal, don't you? Today after getting my annual mammogram i decided it was time to learn how to take my own photo so good ol' Frank helped me with the technical details. Okay i got it so now i'm having fun with it, maybe even do one of those collages... no, not really.

Decided to ship a new self-portrait to PY and did so, wishing TT allowed multiple entries, but their little list of "Do's and Don'ts" says you can only submit one entry. Then i went to my email and wonder of wonders... i had an email from 'Reb' at Theme Thursday telling me my photo was rejected!!! Yeah! Did you hear that? Rejected! They wanted REAL people photos... not shadows or reflections! WELL!! I went right over there and submitted my post-mammogram photo!!! Wonder if ol' Reb will reject that one.

Point is... I want you to visit my photo site and read it. After putting an up-to-date... today version of me at my 'best'(???) i found the perfect photo for my own PhotoTime Tuesday theme, which is 'Nostalgia' this week... and posted it. You will get to see me today... and * 44 36 years ago posing with our six daughters all dressed up for Easter Sunday Mass.

*Thanks OttO! I stand corrected!!!


Bright Blue Sun: The 800x600 ProjectJust stumbled on this tonight! Went here to see this chick's photo for Theme Thursday's Picture Yourself theme... isn't her picture marvelous? So many projects... so little time!


What's on..... Right now?
What's On your '10 interesting facts about me' list Right Now?
Not to brag, but did you know that I...
  1. ..raised six daughters who were all born within five and a half years of each other (ok... there is a set of twins)
  2. ..obtained a liberal arts Associates Degree while raising six daughters and working full time
  3. ..then proceeded to earn my certification from the National Secretary's Association as a Certified Professional Secretary
  4. ..sailed a 37 foot ketch, along with my husband... on Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan
  5. .. have been married to that same husband for 48 years
  6. ..am very artistic
  7. ..look pretty good for my age
  8. ..am a darned good cook
  9. ..can hold my own in most any conversation
  10. have studied, although I'm not fluent, in three languages besides my native English
  11. .....and here's a bonus! I have made so many websites that I can't easily tell you how many are out there in cyberspace!


Random Questions; Random Days...
How was your weekend? Write about something fun or productive you did.

My weekend was great... productive AND fun!

... the gravel project

Saturday, thanks to a few industrious guys... Frank, our grandson James and his dad Mike... the second load of limestone gravel was spread in the newly defined driveway/parking space at our cottage up north. Frank & Mike cleaned out the storage shed, making room for winter storage. Mike and James took my Whaler out of the water and then the guys stored it and the paddle boat in the space they miraculously found. They even found room for the grill in there! It was a beautiful day Saturday, but cold... very cold!!

What was i doing? Oh i fiddled around with my Puffin Wall... did some other blogging and bloghopping... and overall had a mighty fine day! All the work done, the boys went home the same day and we did too! With a 'bonus' weekend day - Sunday - we visited a petting farm! What fun! Baby animals... and their mommis!!! Lots of photo ops! Kittens, goats and calves, ducks and baby pigs! All in all a perfect weekend... a nice mix of productivity and fun!

Bruce McMillan's Puffin Page... you must visit this site. When you do, you too will want to join the Puffin Friendship Wall!

Speaking of... another brand new member... Bryn started her wall. Hi Bryn!


Crook makes church bazaar big success!!! * Read all about it at OttoSite! Folks in mid-Michigan... watch out for a woman named Angie from the Michigan Community Connection... a 'non-profit' organization offering services to non-profit organizations! Wow!

*She didn't really! But Otto, who puts on a darned good bazaar tangled with a scam artist yesterday at her parish bazaar... and it ain't over yet, folks! ;-)


I just found this place while visiting Andrea the Shameless Agitator. I don't even want to win a prize... being offered... but it just looks like FUN!


What's on...... Right now?
What's On your bookshelf Right Now? (pick a shelf; any shelf)
Since we have bookshelves and bookcases all over the house, i'm picking a small shelf on my computer desk. This shelf has
I just answered two weeks of Lulu's Lines. Read them at Wild Stories.

Hey! I just joined the cutest little group! Otto is the sponsor of the Puffin Patch Friendship Wall. The concept is about the Puffin's personality... his strongest aggressive tendency is a big yawn. Members build a wall of tiles created by Puffin Patch members. I just started mine last night and i just think it's a fun thing to do! Oh! Here's my Puffin Friendship Wall!


Monday Madness
1. How often do you change or add to your blogroll list? If you don't use blogroll, how often do you add or change links to your 'favorite reads' list?Whenever i discover a good women's weblog i add it to ladiosa's blogroll. I'll add a good blog written by a guy as well. I frequently blogroll interesting photoblogs to sherlesphotos - my photo blog, even if they are not participants in my PhotoTime series.

2. Do you visit your blogrolls regularly? If so, how often? I visit them randomly... and occasionally will delete a blog or two that i've lost interest in or if they don't update often.

3. Do you visit other people's blogrolls or 'faves' list? Yes! If i like a person's blog i like to read blogs they recommend.

4. About how many blogs have you blogrolled (or have linked on your blog)?Currently 47 listed on sherlesphotos and 78 on ladiosa's blog... perhaps that one could use a little shaving, eh?

5. Do you change your layout or color scheme regularly? If so, how often? If not, have you thought about changing the look of your blog? Feel free to elaborate! I like to change the look somewhat. It's easier to change the look in some of my old blogger sites... sometimes i just change the background. I find the new blogger formats more difficult to change... less creativity is allowed. Similar problems with WebCrimson... where i can change colors but can't seem to put my own background images in. Probably just have to try harder, huh? ;-)


Here's my answer to:

What's on..... Right now?
Bryn tells us that it is 'pet peeves week.' SO, this week's question is......................
What's On your pet peeves list Right Now?

Don't really have a list of pet peeves but here are a couple of things that have bugged me recently: Hmmm! Sounds like these are the really serious ones. Perhaps i DO have more.

Find my answers to the last five Random Questions... Random Days at Stuff.


Monday Madness... I'm late but got a good excuse We were 'making the earth move' this weekend and just got home yesterday in time to attend an Internet SIG meeting.

"What is your LEAST favorite..........."

1. food: fat... be it beef, chicken, pork, or road kill!
2. type of music: rap...although technically it isn't even music.
3. subject of discussion: politics... because mine may be different than yours but it makes neither you nor i a 'bad' person.
4. time of day: bedtime... because i can't get things done while i'm sleeping and i really need a full eight hours!!
5. time of year: winter... i don't like to be cold
6. fragrance: strong, pungent perfumes that penetrate my sinuses.
7. actor/actress: i don't see enough movies to make a good call on this one.
8. commercial: a local car dealership owner... doing his own commercial. He acts like his customers are stupid. Perhaps they are! I wouldn't buy anything from him.
9. television sitcom: it's a new one... something about Poland in New Hampshire.
10. singer: any rapper


One of the best things about autumn is... my beautiful youngest granddaughter has a birthday on October 5!

Grampa and i will be up north on your special day... trying to make some major improvements in the landscape at the cottage. He will be moving some earth; i will be telling him how to do it! We will be thinking of you. I remember visiting you fourteen years ago tomorrow... where you and your mom and dad had a special room in the hospital. We walked into that room and there was your mom, sitting in a rocking chair... just totally beaming with delight!!! She finally had her precious baby girl. Your daddy was every bit as happy. You were so beautiful and you still are!

Happy Birthday Alex!


It works!!! OttO!!! Your 'do not direct link' script works!!! Look to the left below your mood faces button and you will see 'stolen from OttO'.... love you, your mommi39

Well i just posted answers to a couple of my favorite memes in my other blog where i keep all sorts of Stuff. What's on... Right Now is a really fun Wednesday meme and what can i say about Random Questions... Random Days?

I'm a member of the team for BloggerSeeds and Windy keeps us loaded with some really intriguing questions on the meme we offer there. We also have a place for you to add the URL to your website. That list just keeps growing, so check it out once in awhile. You'll find lots of fun places to go blogsurfing. Speaking of Windy, stop by her main blog and say hi to her. She's been getting used to a new job and canning a lot of homegrown produce in her 'spare' time.

Lulu is going to have some medical testing done Friday. Stop by her site and wish her well. We will be praying for her. She runs an interesting meme every Wednesday too so check out Lulu's Lines while you're out there blog hopping. I'll get mine done, Lulu... soon, i promise.

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