What's on..... Right now?
What's On your grocery list Right Now?
Actually i just went grocery shopping yesterday so i have really nothing on my grocery list today. I definitely recommend you shop with a list though because I always save money when i write a list. Another thing they say and it is true... don't shop on an empty stomach. That's when you buy all the stuff you wouldn't normally get.

Random Questions; Random Days...
What if you never felt fear? What are some things you might try to do? Would this change your life? How?
If i NEVER felt fear i might not be alive today... or maybe crippled and helpless. I believe a little bit of fear is healthy. Fear of burning your hand stops you from touching a hot stove. Fear of breaking your neck stops you from jumping off a rocky cliff... well, you get the idea.

On the other hand, knowing that you meant fear of things that wouldn't really be harmful to me, i think i would probably go sky diving. I've talked with people who go snorkeling... looking at sunken ships in the Great Lakes. That sounds like fun. But just like there are lots of people who want nothing to do with computers, i would just as soon leave those fun activities to somebody else. ;-)

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