Well i just posted answers to a couple of my favorite memes in my other blog where i keep all sorts of Stuff. What's on... Right Now is a really fun Wednesday meme and what can i say about Random Questions... Random Days?

I'm a member of the team for BloggerSeeds and Windy keeps us loaded with some really intriguing questions on the meme we offer there. We also have a place for you to add the URL to your website. That list just keeps growing, so check it out once in awhile. You'll find lots of fun places to go blogsurfing. Speaking of Windy, stop by her main blog and say hi to her. She's been getting used to a new job and canning a lot of homegrown produce in her 'spare' time.

Lulu is going to have some medical testing done Friday. Stop by her site and wish her well. We will be praying for her. She runs an interesting meme every Wednesday too so check out Lulu's Lines while you're out there blog hopping. I'll get mine done, Lulu... soon, i promise.

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