Monday Madness... I'm late but got a good excuse We were 'making the earth move' this weekend and just got home yesterday in time to attend an Internet SIG meeting.

"What is your LEAST favorite..........."

1. food: fat... be it beef, chicken, pork, or road kill!
2. type of music: rap...although technically it isn't even music.
3. subject of discussion: politics... because mine may be different than yours but it makes neither you nor i a 'bad' person.
4. time of day: bedtime... because i can't get things done while i'm sleeping and i really need a full eight hours!!
5. time of year: winter... i don't like to be cold
6. fragrance: strong, pungent perfumes that penetrate my sinuses.
7. actor/actress: i don't see enough movies to make a good call on this one.
8. commercial: a local car dealership owner... doing his own commercial. He acts like his customers are stupid. Perhaps they are! I wouldn't buy anything from him.
9. television sitcom: it's a new one... something about Poland in New Hampshire.
10. singer: any rapper

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