Monday Madness
1. How often do you change or add to your blogroll list? If you don't use blogroll, how often do you add or change links to your 'favorite reads' list?Whenever i discover a good women's weblog i add it to ladiosa's blogroll. I'll add a good blog written by a guy as well. I frequently blogroll interesting photoblogs to sherlesphotos - my photo blog, even if they are not participants in my PhotoTime series.

2. Do you visit your blogrolls regularly? If so, how often? I visit them randomly... and occasionally will delete a blog or two that i've lost interest in or if they don't update often.

3. Do you visit other people's blogrolls or 'faves' list? Yes! If i like a person's blog i like to read blogs they recommend.

4. About how many blogs have you blogrolled (or have linked on your blog)?Currently 47 listed on sherlesphotos and 78 on ladiosa's blog... perhaps that one could use a little shaving, eh?

5. Do you change your layout or color scheme regularly? If so, how often? If not, have you thought about changing the look of your blog? Feel free to elaborate! I like to change the look somewhat. It's easier to change the look in some of my old blogger sites... sometimes i just change the background. I find the new blogger formats more difficult to change... less creativity is allowed. Similar problems with WebCrimson... where i can change colors but can't seem to put my own background images in. Probably just have to try harder, huh? ;-)

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