Random Questions; Random Days...
How was your weekend? Write about something fun or productive you did.

My weekend was great... productive AND fun!

... the gravel project

Saturday, thanks to a few industrious guys... Frank, our grandson James and his dad Mike... the second load of limestone gravel was spread in the newly defined driveway/parking space at our cottage up north. Frank & Mike cleaned out the storage shed, making room for winter storage. Mike and James took my Whaler out of the water and then the guys stored it and the paddle boat in the space they miraculously found. They even found room for the grill in there! It was a beautiful day Saturday, but cold... very cold!!

What was i doing? Oh i fiddled around with my Puffin Wall... did some other blogging and bloghopping... and overall had a mighty fine day! All the work done, the boys went home the same day and we did too! With a 'bonus' weekend day - Sunday - we visited a petting farm! What fun! Baby animals... and their mommis!!! Lots of photo ops! Kittens, goats and calves, ducks and baby pigs! All in all a perfect weekend... a nice mix of productivity and fun!

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