Today entered another photo at Theme Thursday... where last week i received my first 'rejection letter' from a meme!!! I had submitted a photo of my shadow for the topic 'Picture Yourself.' She took my photo off her website and informed me it had to be a picture of me that i took myself - and not a reflection or shadow!

This week when i submitted my photo - Scarey - i read her rules! I give you the link, above, so you can read them yourself. Then one of my favorite photographers, Will Burnham, a regular at my PhotoTime, submitted two photos he created in 1980 as a newspaper photographer. He broke all of her rules! His pics are still listed on her website. Now that isn't what bothers me.

What bothers me is that the webmaster at Theme Thursday has a double standard. She doesn't even KNOW me! What did she think when she deleted my shadow photo... that she was intimidating a little old lady? Or does she think only men can break 'rules' no matter how stupid the rules are?

Why did i still submit a photo at her site? Because i can. If she wants to continue deleting them, so be it. It takes a pretty small person to bend the rules only when it pleases you. The Theme Thursday theme this week is scarey... and here's my photo. I also invite you to visit the Album i created with the rest of the story.

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