Been bloggin' like crazy... just not here! You may know i have a photolog and the last couple of days... when not working on my new Puffin Friendship Wall, I've been catching up on the photoblog - trying to keep up with several photo themes.

First came Theme Thursday... and the theme this week is Picture Yourself. The idea? Take a photo of yourself and post it to TT and while you're at it ship one up to Picture Yourself. Okay i did it yesterday. Posted another 'shadow self-portrait' which I think is legal, don't you? Today after getting my annual mammogram i decided it was time to learn how to take my own photo so good ol' Frank helped me with the technical details. Okay i got it so now i'm having fun with it, maybe even do one of those collages... no, not really.

Decided to ship a new self-portrait to PY and did so, wishing TT allowed multiple entries, but their little list of "Do's and Don'ts" says you can only submit one entry. Then i went to my email and wonder of wonders... i had an email from 'Reb' at Theme Thursday telling me my photo was rejected!!! Yeah! Did you hear that? Rejected! They wanted REAL people photos... not shadows or reflections! WELL!! I went right over there and submitted my post-mammogram photo!!! Wonder if ol' Reb will reject that one.

Point is... I want you to visit my photo site and read it. After putting an up-to-date... today version of me at my 'best'(???) i found the perfect photo for my own PhotoTime Tuesday theme, which is 'Nostalgia' this week... and posted it. You will get to see me today... and * 44 36 years ago posing with our six daughters all dressed up for Easter Sunday Mass.

*Thanks OttO! I stand corrected!!!

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