Random Questions; Random Days... Saturday, October 25
I noticed on our sidebar one of the suggested topics is to write 100 things about yourself. This may be a bit overwhelming for some, so how about sharing 10 things about yourself. You can share more if you like though!

Okay Windy! Let's see how far i can go!

  1. - 11. interesting facts for What's on...
  2. Hair's almost white in front and brown/salt and pepper in back.

  3. Eyes are dark brown.

  4. Very near-sighted.

  5. Was 5ft 6-1/2in. tall... now about 5ft. 5in.

  6. More overweight than you would expect looking at me.

  7. Addicted to coffee and the internet

  8. Favorite sweet is chocolate anything.

  9. Occasionally crave greasy fried chicken.

  10. I have three sisters and one brother.

  11. My youngest sister was born to my mother and stepfather.

  12. Started working at age 14... retired at age 50.

  13. Favorite flower is daisy.

  14. Favorite animals are cats.

  15. Favorite summer clothes are shorts and a loose t-shirt.

  16. Favorite winter garb is jeans and turtleneck.

  17. Favorite color is pink.

  18. I love my truck... a Ford Ranger.

  19. Dream car is a Lamborgini.

  20. Would love to visit... Mexico.

  21. ... but only after stopping in San Diego CA to visit Jan and Susan.

  22. Favorite author... Stephen King. (i'm very cerebral!)

  23. Favorite TV show - Survivor

  24. I love my husband, my kids and their families.

  25. I love lazy summer days by the lake.

  26. I dislike obsequiousness almost as much as i dislike greed.

I'll be back... i'm kinda gettin' into it! ;-) Good one, Windy!

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