Okay folks... it's granni braggin' time again! Our little David is a genius!! His mommi has been worried for some time that he's not being challenged enough in the small parochial school he's currently attending. My personal experience is that most parochial schools are by far ahead of public schools, but i strongly agree with her. Not all parochial schools are equal and this one fits my personal "short list." She was, however, worried about taking him from the Christian school environment into a public school because of all the controversy about public schools today.

She and David had a meeting Friday in which David took some tests to see if he qualifies for classes for exceptional students. Well let me tell you. David definitely qualifies as an exceptional student!!! A score of 12 is considered a High score in these tests. David scored 16 in verbal skills and 19 motor and mechanical skills! If there is an opening, the school is ready to accept him immediately - at beginning of second term. If not now, he'll be going there next year. We're saying "the sooner the better." Way to go, David!!! Your granni and grampa are proud of you!!!

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