It's been that long since i blogged? Am i getting lazy or what?!??!! Okay, so i've been just a tad "under the weather" as they say... matter of fact i was literally, not just figuratively as my usual self is, DIZZY much of the past week. Vertigo? perhaps... so a couple of wonderful daughters strongly suggest from all symptoms. My first reaction to the dizziness?... i took it as a reminder that i'm not really 39 anymore... since my "baby" passed that magic number, i think i've even been feeling the difference myself ;-) What's my problem? Why didn't i call my doctor? Am i crazy as well as dizzy?

Here's the scoop... I had the perfect doctor... intelligent, practical, realistic, apparently caring, young and female, so why do i say had? Her lousy staffy - that's why... not all of them but most. My last visit last summer... Doctor was concerned about my blood pressure getting near the top of "normal" - thought it might has something to do with the type of pain pills (naproxin) i was taking for pains in my knee. So i stopped taking that med for a week and went in to have her personally take my blood pressure and guess what!!!!?! Stupid Girl of the Day skipped right past my sign-in and called everybody else in the room first! At first you wonder if maybe they were probably really ahead of you, but then after an hour! you decide to check... and find out they weren't ... confront her... get a lame answer... blood pressure by then is SKY HIGH... let her know it and walk out! No sense in wasting doctor's time today! ;-(

If that had been the first error on the part of her Office Queens i'd have understood and gone back. It wasn't. Every year for the past several years they consistently put wrong codes on work going out to Quest Diagnostics... a lab not known for being "kind" to we "over-39ers" anyway... It usually takes 6-8 months to get Quest straightened out and the bill paid by insurance and not li'l ol' me... and we start over again. There've been other reasons but these are the worst ones.

Okay, bottomline... gonna bite the bullet... call el spouso's doctor tomorrow and try to get into her office. I have no idea about her overall except that she's taken pretty good care of him since he had to find a new "family" physician... because his specialists won't do it all. I also know that her staff does NOT screw up on his paperwork! Perhaps they don't even use Quest Diagnostics... that would be a plus! Anyway... tomorrow ;-)

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