Did you notice? The TagBoard is down... but only if you are a "free" member! Shades of my childhood! I remember when i was young - hard to believe, huh? But anyway... apparently marijuana was beginning to be introduced into our society way back in the late 50's even though i personally knew nobody who used it or knew how to get it! How times have changed. Anyway... back then the nuns at my school always told us that the drug dealers would start you out by giving you some pot for free... then as you begin to want or need it more... they would sell it to you. Then... the more you need it the more they will charge you! That's all besides becoming addicted in the first place! Thank God I never tried it because I know I'm an addictive personality... took me the "patch" and lots of encouragement and a strong will to quit smoking! What's that got to do with TagBoard?

Oh yeah... got off the track, didn't i? Well i notice TagBoard and a lot of other "free" stuff on the internet is becoming increasingly "too busy" for us freeloaders! Don't you suppose that was their tactic in the first place? Get us hooked... then charge us! Of course! It's happening all over the place. Well, i for one will not fall for it! I think i'll delete it and find another source... or for that matter... who really needs it anyway? Also, if i'm gonna pay, it'll be for somebody that didn't use the "drug dealer" tactics to catch me first! But that's me!

TagBoard has it's benefits... one of them being that your reader can give you an immediate response to the latest entry. I like that.. and know there are many other sources out there... just takes a little fishing to find them. Anyway... yesterday i grumbled about Blogs by Women not accepting me as a member! Well, duh! me! i thought i read the lengthy requirements but guess i missed one. Thanks Windy, for taking the time to check them out and telling me about it. I feel better about it now! Windy says in her email to me...

"I read your blog about not getting accepted into "The Blogs for Women" web ring. I then went to check out getting accepted and found the following reason as to why you might not have been.
If your site has embedded music of any kind with no way to turn it off, we will delete your site, no questions asked.
This quote was taken from their page of requirement. If there is a way you could put a button on to turn on or off the music, I'm sure your "granni" site would be accepted!"

Gonna look for some javascript for the on/off option with music on the website. I LIKE "I Am Woman" and had it here long before i ever heard of the Blogs by Women group. Well, maybe i could take it off, get into the group, then add it? Anyway... where's there's a will there's a way! Again, Thank you Windy!

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