I've had it up to here (my neck) with dumb people! I read a blog today - liked the sound of her title - not sharing the title here but the sideline said, "..does this blog make my ass look big?" After reading her blog - here are my notes - Dumb broad that's living in a timewarp! a peacenik! march on Washington, et al. Glad i checked! Don't recommend to nobody nohow nowhere! Yes b**** your ass looks big and your head looks about the size of a hatpin!

Been reading blogs, listing some that i think are worth sharing. Found a blog by a woman named Rachel Lucas, recommended by Liam, the guy who writes "Hey Listen!" Rachel's a bit stronger than need be in the pro-gun area, but defends a lot of the principles that i feel strongly about and she condemns the nutcases - among them - the "peacifiers" and the "Bush whackers." I really get tired of hearing our liberal "press" still today refer to Oinker Clinton as "President" while they refer to our President as "Mr." Bush! Disrespect is disgusting! They obviously admire the child molesting morally deprived Clinton more than people with family values. Well, Rachel and Liam are both pro-values and anti-decadence!

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