Okay today i'm here to grumble!!! Last week i signed up for "listing" in Blogs by Women. I did everything right - like they explain in their very le-e-e-e-ngthy "Terms" and told a friend of mine about it. My friend signed up... and guess what!???! She was accepted! I wasn't.... I guess they don't like granni's huh? Anyway... today i went to another ring and got caught up in some pop ads from hell! There were only 2 or 3 but everytime i turned off one the other came back... and i had to go off line to get rid of it!!! I hate when that happens.Blogs by Women is still pretty cool, so i still recommend it! Got most of my Christmas tree undecorated yesterday... (had to compute, don't you know?) and so finally it's beginning to not look like Christmas anymore finally!

Need a little inspiration? Here's a little Food for Thought from a really really good friend of mine! She's artistically talented too... created the graphics from her own photography! Enjoy!

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