Okey dokey guys... got a new little gallery. Yeah I know I promised you more Ralphy pics, Sharba but then I got distracted!

Click itRemember the Bay City State Park? Remember beaches... people..... picnics? Well kids, you won't believe your eyes! I couldn't! This is why I feel obligated to warn everybody. Every time the environmental wackos win one, all of us ordinary, everyday, god-lovin', picnic goin', campers and just those of us who like going to the beach for a day... yes all of us..... lose one! Would you believe... there was not a sound in that park that we did not make... no birds, not even gulls! The nutcases have created a vast wasteland of nothing where the beach once thrived with life! Just pray they do not do that to our backyards! Don't believe me? Click the beach logo... yup! That picture IS the beach!

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