Just posted a couple of photos at my sherle's photos blog! If you haven't been there lately, stop by and see what I've been seeing lately. I've also been busy updating Tittabawassee River Voice. For some time I've been wanting to organize the various links I've added there; I just put them on a separate page for simplicity's sake. Just for fun I added a few of the graphics I've been messing around with - down the column where the links formerly were.

Sharba phoned me yesterday and we had a nice little visit. She hasn't been blogging lately because her computer won't let her but she has her hubby and her daddy on the case. Meanwhile, I left a brief message on her blog to let her visitors know why she isn't blogging. If you haven't been there, stop by and say hello. She will be surprised when she gets back up and running!

We've been busy playing in the sand at our little cottage on the lake. It seems there was a heavy rainfall a few weeks ago that created craters where we don't want them. We've been 'busting butt' filling holes and planting stuff to hold the sandy soil down... not entirely a chore because we like playing in the dirt. Could show you pictures but would rather wait until things grow a bit!

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