Just got done playing on the internet... no, not a game. For those who don't know, around my house i pretty much ignore the tv but the spouse insists on having it turned on every waking moment... background noise i guess. Whenever he gets tired of the Fox News network, he goes over to Tech TV... you know the one, with Leo and the gang. Once in awhile a word jumps out of the background and i listen up... this time it was Cat on 'Call for Help' where i heard her talking about a little online diversion called the Tilemaker.

Tilemaker is a little flash five thingy where you can make these tiny little tiles, which they also put together for you to save as a background if you wish. Okay, so i doodled away a good share of my morning there. Here's the first one i made... It occurred to me that i had put lots of detail effort into that tiny thing, so tried again. My second effort... told me that the control i have when drawing with pencil was totally lacking using the computer, so i decided to be more rigid and came up with this flag... , which would look like this as a background! Pretty wild, eh? As a background .. i don't know about you but it would drive me nuts!

On a totally different note..... do you remember i mentioned my husband taking over as webmaster for the computer club? Well, i finally got the scoop straight. It had all that 'extra' stuff because the web was originally created in MS FrontPage and i do most of my webstuff 'straight up' in HTML with sometimes a little borrowed javascript. We decided it would be easier for hubby... a neophyte to web building... if i got the thing back into FrontPage. With a good frontend like that he can see what he's doing as he does it! Once i started it was a piece 'o cake. My biggest 'hump' to jump over was getting it back to FrontPage's CSS format. After a couple of futile attempts i found all i had to do was cut and paste a bit and voila!!!! There it was. The SVCA website is now officially not my problem! I can sit back, give occasional answers and guidance and not have to worry about the thing overwhelming him. Aren't i a sweet wifey??? Say yes!!!

About my February 2 entry here... yes i originally promised to write all about it. People directly involved requested me to not do that so i am honoring their request. Enough said that the innocent was proved innocent and all is well.

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