Today was warm.... the weather reached a high of 45 degrees fahrenheit! Whoopee! The snow is melting. We will have a flood in our back yard. So much snow melting so fast, flowing down to the river from all the drainage ditches..... then this happening upstream as well. It will happen. How did we celebrate the warm weather? We went out and bought some goldfish!

see Goober big as life!

Goober stuck his head in the bowl...
see the fishies bigger than life!..but overall the cats weren't overly excited about the fish. We did get lots of good photos anyway! It was worth the 15 cents apiece we paid for a dozen goldfish, eh? Click on the fishies to see how cute they are. No we haven't named them yet. We had to bury one already because it was trying to go belly up when we got it home. The gal threw in a couple of extras anyway, so we still ended up with a baker's dozen.

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