Good morning! First a note of warning... for those adventurous souls who indiscriminately use all that wonderful free java script out there on the great big WWW! Most of these scripts are created by talented honest people who voluntarily share their talent with those of us who are slightly javascript-challenged. My friend and daughter, OttO however, recently ran into a situation that disturbed her.

She has an ad-blocker on her computer. She has her own personal domain, supposedly ad-free. She was getting pup-unders on one of her most popular websites... her blinkie page. Yesterday i was discussing this phenomenon with my friend and daughter, Foggy, who just happens to be very analytical when it comes to webs, web design and computers in general. It's her education and her profession. We were reading her 'source' while discussing it on the phone and Foggy noticed her counter, which wasn't showing at the moment by the way, was from a website called Veroweb! She suggested they might be planting code in with the free code... putting the popups there.

I surfed over to the Veroweb website. Looks quite profession. Started reading it ... looking for clues. Some ot the wording caught my attention... something about 'putting advertising on your site' like it was a desirable thing!!! The grammar was a little less than professional as well. These clues suggested to me that Foggy was right! I phoned Otto. Otto took the script out of her blinkie website. Wow! Otto is grateful, Foggy was right... no more ads!

Moral of this story is... Don't be afraid to use all that wonderful free stuff available to us out there but be cautious too! Look for clues like the ones i found. Most of those websites are maintained by people just like you and me... just loving to share their info. There are a few however who are mischievous, so be careful.

Now if we can find the reason for her other problem, her internet life would be perfect! Strange things are happening with her graphics. Stop by at OttoSite and see what i mean. Maybe you could help her out. By the way, Foggy's Puffin Friendship Wall is up... she had it pretty much done once but her chosen website space at that time had a limit.... not on size of space used for pictures but number of pictures! She solved that problem... joined those of us with our own domain and now she's 'off and running!'

On another totally different matter, another friend and daughter..... the Bug..... blogged a lovely tribute to her mom and dad (that would be Frank and me). This was in response to the latest kidnapping and murder of a child.

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