For one thing... my answer to RQRD today has a message so i'm answering it here where i expect more readership.

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, February 19
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." ~ Albert Einstein

Easy for HIM to say! My opinion? Neither is good without the other... he just didn't know that. After all, he was considered a 'slow learner' in school!

For another thing, I had a 'plan' for today... what i would do between laundry loads... but got distracted. The Photo Friday challenge is 'Orange' and i had one... count them..... 1... idea! Well hey! Ya know i was a mommy in the '60's... (well i'm still a mommi, but was way back then too) and started remembering all kinds of orange items i just couldn't discard!!! So guess what? I filled the card on my camera for the first time ever! That equates to 256 megabytes and approximately 325 photos! Not all orange of course, Two-thirds of them were concert photos. 'Just call me Frank!' Of course they're not all wonderful pics but with no cost for film... i shoot a lot more and result in getting lots more really great shots too! I delete the worst... save the best to a gallery..... and just plain save the rest! I just LOVE digital photography!

Oh yeah... i keep forgetting the laundry! Gotta go take a load out now.

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