It's Veteran's Day....

Today honors U. S. veterans of the military... God bless you! I know and knew many veterans personally and respect one and all... beginning with Uncle Art, Army, who was in WWI, my dad, Tony, Army in WWII, brother Don in Marine Corps 1950's, daughter Jan - Marine Corps early 1980, and OttO's stepson, Miguel, who served in Iraq prior to honorable discharge last year.

What a day to have my staples removed, eh? Yes I have 'better' photos including my talented and handsome surgeon and many pics of 'the wound.' Decided this photo of my x-rays was a good compromise.

My left knee - middle & right... before & after...... ta dah!!!!! Bionic Woman! First photo was taken in a standing, weight-bearing position. The new knee was photographed lying down. Even in recovery stages the new knee feels better than it did prior to surgery. Look at those two together... Just wanted you to see why I will have the right knee done in February (unless I heal so fast I can go sooner).
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I'm so glad you're healing as well as you are, Mom! You're a strong lady and I'm proud to call you my MOM!!

I'm also glad to hear you're having the other one done in Feb. You'll feel so much better then....Love you!! =)
Thanks for not showing the "wound!" This pic shows a lot more about why you're having this done! Bravo to You!! Keep up the good work!
Thought the total package would make a good slide show at the next family gathering.... Thanksgiving? :-)
...but actually, I will be wearing shorts next summer... gotta get that tan!
Great MOM! Thanks for sharing; i do find it interesting to see. Love YOU!
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