One day closer...

...to recovery! Tonight I am It was really a full day. When I woke up today my leg seemed to be so much better than yesterday! The weather was but I wasn't!!! Decided to wait until time to leave for physical therapy before taking my pain pills... the only ones I took today. By Jove, I think I've got it!

PT was tough but nothing I couldn't handle. Besides lengthening and strengthening exercises I bench pressed twenty pounds with my legs for ten minutes! Exhilerating. You would think I would be worn out but walked out feeling refreshed.

Frank is becoming quite domestic... today he cooked shrimp stirfry. He is learning how to cook a whole meal and serve it all at the same time... learning all my secrets. This further encourages me to get the second total knee replacement asap... maybe as early as February.

Today I removed the rest of the tape covering my wound after the staples were removed last week. Looking good, feeling good, lots of sun and outdoors recreation next summer and we should hardly be able to see the scars! I'll be darned... I think I'm going to bed tonight!

What a difference a day makes! I'm glad you're feeling better today, Mom! Still sending you a hug anyway! =)
Sounds like your recovery is coming along nicely! Glad to hear it. Take care! Love you too!
Keep up the good work and the positive attitude! See you next week!
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