First Snowfall!!!

Started snowing when I went to PT today... 2:00 pm..... and figured it really wouldn't stay on the ground! Well, think again. It's still here and the weather guy says it's still snowing... but doesn't look like much here anyway.

Most of dinner is ready for tomorrow. Will put the big bird in the oven around 9:00 am. The pies are done, I think. Windy's bringing two pumpkin pies; Lisa's baking her famous apple pie; Patti volunteered cherry; Otto is bringing her world-famous Ambrosia! YUM!!! The Bug is too far away... hope you girls are having a fine meal without us Jan & Susan! Pam will be cooking her own dinner tomorrow... Nicky has a job and has to work, and her dad has to work Friday, so it's easier for them to stay home. We will be thinking of you and will have you with us in spirit and our prayers! The rest of you, please drive safely. Hope the snow quits by tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
Bemember this guy, Otto?

S is working (on call) tonight, so I will pick her up to go to the train station. We will be taking the train to have a T-day meal with some of her relatives. The train is a wonderful thing.
Yes, I do remember that guy! You saved him! I just made a little mood bear for 'thankful.' I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who will be there tomorrow (and missing those we won't see). I'm up way too late but I was just so excited that I don't have to work for 4 days, I couldn't help myself! I'll be going to bed now though...see you tomorrow!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dad! Love you! =)
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