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Everybody thinks I'm always cheerul and tough. Could it be because I don't tend to blog when I'm unhappy? Today I am Why? My knee doesn't really hurt but it doesn't feel good. I'm getting very tired of wearing these stretchy socks and am supposed to wear them for three months!!! I take them off at night when I go to bed and put them on in the morning... every day! It is more difficult to do the prescribed exercises while wearing them.

My immediate job: lengthen ligaments and strengthen muscles. This is done by exercizing twice a day. Three days a week I do this with a Physical Therapist... I like to refer to as my personal trainer. He is excellent. He is tough on me. This is good. Yesterday I exercised in the morning with my 'home grown therapist' and in the afternoon with my PT.

Today we're doing laundry. The weather is gloomy. It makes the house feel gloomy. I really enjoy being cared for by my husband but sometimes I try to do some things myself. When I do I get tired. I'm backing off on my pain medicine which includes codeine. My leg doesn't really hurt, it's more like an ache. Since that drug can be an 'upper' if you don't really need it, could that be part of the reason I'm feeling not so great? Hmmm! It will pass.
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It could be that you don't blog when you're unhappy, and that you feel like you have to be cheerful and tough for everyone else too. But of course with all that you've been through, we do realize you have the right to your own 'down' days....

The healing time for your knee, the weather (gloomy), the fact that it's getting dark so early now, and the lack of your medication may all contribute to the way you're feeling right now. I hope it does pass soon!

Sending you a big ol' hug and lotsa love, Mom!! Things'll get better soon!!! =)
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