I thought our bicycle trip to the lighthouse was a voyage Sunday - what with the sandy spots and all. There were places where we walked the bikes because we couldn't ride through the sand. Yesterday when I checked my email, the latest entry to Bicycle Around the World was here from our friend Dale. It was his update from FuXian - in the mountains of China! He fills us in a little on the terrain, the beauty of the fields, the food... more wonderful people and ... well, how would YOU like to be awakened from a sound sleep to the appearance of four policemen looking at you? It sure made me realize what a woose I am! (How do you spell woose?) That looks like it rhymes with moose, maybe it should be spelled wuss? ... to rhyme with puss? as in Puss in Boots? ... what do ya think?

Anyway, I got his missive into the website I made for that purpose and started working on granni39's kidspage for August. It's not ready yet, but I'd like to get it done before August, dont'cha know? This was sort of in between laundry loads - yes - I like to do it once a week or so and all at once. Then I don't have to think about it for awhile. The secret is to have lots of underwear; that way you don't have to do laundry until you run out. Wouldn't disposable clothes be nice? Something to think about!

Oh yeah! I finally made a couple of appointments gramps has been bugging me about for a few months now - dental and optical. What with my annual physical this week I should be tiptop!!! Right?

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