Thank heaven Saturday was cooler than Sunday!Some family fun on the westside included a bike ride to the Big Sable lighthouse at Ludington State Park. It's a trip... but granni made it... with a little encouragement once in awhile from the son-in-law, who rode behind us all with bicycle pump in tow. Gramps, of course, had no problem; with that pacemaker of his he's like the energizer bunny! We went to the lighthouse once before but that time the house was closed. Was quite a trip up to the top - gotta say the old lighthouse managers really had their work cut out for them.

Although the operation is automated now, the volunteers who work there during tourist season really earn their money. The lady we talked with is from California. She and her husband spend two weeks in Michigan every year, working in the lighthouse. He was operating the cash register in the gift shop; she yakking with the visitors - showing a video and some of the old timey stuff that was originally used in the place. It's not all fun and people though. She told us that once the place closes at 6:00 pm it's time for them to keep the place looking good from top to bottom - literally! Up and down the winding stairs with a broom is one job - restocking the gift shop and replenishing supplies gets them into the basement - where the ceiling just grazes her head (she's 5 ft. 9 in. tall) and her husband works down there only in a stooped position!

Sunday was so hot - top job was just "get ready to go home!" Even with those wonderful new windows opened and two fans going we melted - inside or outside. I really don't want an air conditioner at the cottage because it might keep me inside too much! Pam's kabobs were great though! It was worth staying and having our traditional "early dinner" before packing up for home. Another plus - Granddaughter number one volunteered to handle the children's games next week at the Lake Association's annual meeting and potluck dinner. Thanks, enel!

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