What day is it? Where am I? Would I make a good world traveler? I don't think so! Wednesday arrived Scottville around 1:00 p.m. - weather was perfect - 11 degrees cooler lakeside!!! No need for air conditioners at the cottage, just open up windows and enjoy mother nature's air! Had a board meeting last night.

We woke up to the blessed sound of rain, but it was short-lived. Was able to send out a notice about the annual membership meeting to all members with email. The prez will send a newsletter/meeting announcement to everybody on our mailing list. He's doing a great job - a guy who really cares about the ecosystem of our lake! Many of the officers and board members grew up at the lake and the rest live there now. In the best of all possible worlds I think I would live at the lake from May to October and here in the winter time!

Anyway, we made it home today around 1:30 after stopping at the library to drop off the talking book we finished on our way home. Took care of a couple of things that needed doing, then were off to the local DEQ to pick up some booklets for the lake association. After a trip to pick up a few groceries and hey! you just can't pass up the opportunity to buy Coca Cola at $1.99/12 pack, now can you? ...we were home in time for dinner. Hoping to make it up to the lake tomorrow to begin an early weekend so we can be home all of next week when I have a couple of medical appointments - annual maintenance. Oh!!!! Hi there! ;-)

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