What a BEAUTIFUL morning! The sun is shining - almost not even a small breeze - it's a bit cool but expected temperature today in the low 80's! Too early for the noisy boats yet! Just a few quiet fishing boats around the lake with more people who enjoy the quiet mornings on the lake.Soon enough the jetskis will be zooming around - tearing up the lake - frightening the turtles and generally making a public nuisance of themselves. Good thing we have the 11:00 - 7:30 ordinance. Too bad it isn't a bit shorter so that the rest of us could enjoy the lake a little longer on the weekends!

Last weekend the DNR made an appearance on Saturday. The jetskiiers were doing their usual illegal hijinks all day long - zooming in and around each other, other boats and swimmers. Then all was quiet. Most of them KNOW the rules because once the DNR shows up they behave themselves. Why don't they show up in a little less conspicuous manner? They see orange vests on jetskiiers and the people who own boats out here know they're official!

We're still in the bunkhouse this morning but planning to move over to the lakefront cottage later today. Got some clean-up work done yesterday... will do more today. Willing to live without "real" walls until the weather cools off this fall. Want to enjoy the wonderful BIG windows we installed last fall! The whole place is even more enjoyable with such a glorious view of the lake. We LOVE it!

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